The Mini Skip Revolution


Mini skip bins have become immensely popular and are the first choice for most gardeners when they want to get rid of grass cuttings, trimming of hedges and much more. They offer great convenience and they hardly take up any space at all. Getting one is so easy and most, if not all skip hire companies have a readily available supply of them. Mini skips have many uses and they aren’t just for builders yards and sites. Here are some of the more popular ways customers are using these little skips for.

For The Garden.

  1. Many of us are keen gardeners and it is truly a great pastime. However, after all the work is done and the gardens looking great, we are left with masses of cuttings, dead leaves, branches and old fence posts. Disposing of these in the past would have been a nightmare, but now, you just hire a mini skip and chuck all your stuff in there. When it’s full, they just come and get it. Simple.

For That Special Ocassion.

  1. If a big occasion is coming up like a wedding, then mum and dad are going to want to invite many people to the house. This signals the time for a clear out and the house needs to be sorted from the top to the bottom. Hire a mini skip and find a new home for all that trash and unwanted rubbish and in no time the house will be shining like a new pin.

The Man Shed.

  1. A lot of us dads have our ‘man sheds’ or garages and in there we tend to not throw very much away. However, after a time, you can no longer fit the car in there due to the amount of crap and there comes a time when some of it just has to go. Transporting it to the local refuse site would be a nightmare and you may ask, ‘where can I get a mini skip hire near to me’ well the answer is simple just pop the mini bin on the drive just outside the garage doors and that solves your problem.

The Office.

  1. I have only mentioned the home above, but what about the office. The office accumulates a lot of waste, including paper, food wrappers, cardboard boxes and drinking containers which could end up being a fire hazard. One mini skip later and it’s all gone and is picked up when it is full.

Other Uses.

  1. Here’s one I bet you never thought of. Some business customers and regular customers use their mini skip to move things from here to there. What they do is they put items like building tools and machines into the special walk-in skip bins and then have them moved to a new site. It’s quick, it’s handy and it’s very cost effective.

So the next time you look at a mini skip, don’t think of it as a single purpose item, but an item that has all sorts of possibilities. Getting rid of your garden waste, preparing for an important event, cleaning out the garage and for removing dangerous substances, mini skips are the way to go and they have never been easier to hire and have never been better value. Hire a mini skip today, you will be pleased you did.

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