The Many Uses of Temporary Fencing


We all see examples of temporary fencing while going about our daily activities, yet most of us do not notice, as we are too busy thinking of other things. Urban building sites will always have temporary fencing to both protect the public and secure the perimeters and with modern fencing panels that are inter-connectable, temporary fencing can quickly be assembled anywhere it is required. Here are a few situations when temporary fencing might have to be erected.

Crowd Control

Crowd control is just one of the reasons why temporary fencing would be needed, and there are many events to warrant this. All major sporting events would have temporary fencing leading up to the entrances, and this type of fencing is also used to channel crowds of spectators into lines, ready for ticket processing. Inside the stadiums they would normally use a more permanent type of screening, but in the parking areas and outside the turnstiles, temporary fence panels are easy to assemble and move. If you are hosting an event in Yorkshire and are looking for temporary fence panels in Bradford, there are online suppliers who can provide the ideal solution.

Event Management

If you are planning an event and expect a large turnout, temporary fencing can help to direct people without causing congestion, and with clear signage, the participants will understand where to go and this avoids any confusion. Many people who are all trying to reach a certain location requires clear signage and a dedicated pathway to make the transfer practical.

Construction Sites

Perhaps the most common reason for temporary fencing is to section off an area that has construction work going on. The modern systems available are a far cry from the bulky sheets of timber that used to make up this type of fencing, and the site manager would be happy that he doesn’t have to use his limited manpower resources for fence erection. Portable units are both strong and light, and with small connector clips and rubber bases, the fencing can be assembled to suit any environment.

Warehouses and Factories

Large complexes would have certain “no go” areas, which would not be permanent, so any fencing would have to be portable and easily put together. There would be times when a certain loading area would be needed to be kept clear and temporary fencing would be the perfect solution.

Road Works

Small repair jobs on the pavement would require some fencing, and anything that is protruding onto the road surface would need to be clearly signed and protected. Modern temporary fencing is ideal for kerb white lining, as it can be easily moved as the work progresses.

There are many other situations in which you might need temporary screening or fencing, and with online suppliers, you can quickly source the right supplier who will handle all your fencing requirements. If you would like to know more about this service, there are professional companies who are dedicated to providing total fencing solutions for events and other environments.

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