The Many Faces of a Locksmith


We all know that a locksmith is the person you call when you lock yourself out of the car or home, yet there’s so much more to this mysterious profession, as the modern locksmith is well-versed with current security developments. It is an integral part of his work to keep abreast of security applications, and he is the person to call if you want a biometric, keyless access control system installed.

Free Security Assessment

Your local locksmith in Dorchester would be happy to pay you a home visit and evaluate your security, and he can supply & install burglar alarms, as well as video surveillance, which is a great deterrent.

Range of Services

The local locksmith would offer the following services:

  • Gaining Access to property or vehicle.
  • Replicating keys.
  • The supply & installation of home security systems.
  • The supply & installation of CCTV security systems.
  • Repairing and replacing locks.
  • Installation of a concealed floor safe.

The locksmith can also design a keyless access control system, which eliminates the need to carry bulky keys, and whatever your security needs, your local locksmith has all the answers.

Emergency Services

The locksmith is often called out at irregular times, when someone locks themselves out of their car or home, and he has both the know-how and the equipment to gain access without causing any damage. If, for example, you are the victim of a burglary, the best thing to do is call out an emergency locksmith, who can change all of your locks.

Your local locksmith provides essential services to the community, and should you ever need his help, he can be found with an online search.

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