The Kubota brand range of excavators


With the increasing demand for mechanized operations in the fields of construction, landscaping, home improvement, and forestry, various machines have been brought up to make the operations that involve digging, drilling, raking, compaction, and lifting materials and objects easy and efficient.

Much effort was done by Kubota as a brand to bring to the market the most comfortable, and efficient machines for these operations have been a success. The most efficient machine that does almost all these tasks is the excavator. Kubota has over time improved the Kubota excavator series to make it efficient and convenient to the operator, they are especially popular in the excavator rental industry. Let’s take a look at the various Kubota U series existing in the market.

There are compact shaped Kubota excavators referred to as U10-3. This was majorly made for the convenience of the tail swing. During its operation in the field, the operator’s safety is to a great extent assured. Besides, the tail swing is zero making it usable even in confined spaces. Attachment of various equipment to it increases its versatility, therefore, it can be used in other field operations apart from the most basic duties such as excavation.

Kubota U17-3 is an improvement of the above excavator. It possesses a revolutionized performance that is quite superior and is more versatile when various implements are attached to it. This capability puts it in a position to perform almost any task.

A more advanced excavator in the Kubota series is the Kubota U20-3. Most contractors especially those operating in soils that do not need disturbance, for instance, in regions with already existing structures that might fail when the soil is disturbed. This excavator can ensure precision drilling, as well as making controls with precision especially in restricted areas.

You might be searching for the excavator that has a low operation cost. With the launch of Kubota U27-4, operations that are aimed at minimizing cost can find this machine as the most efficient for operations. This type of excavator has proved to be highly versatile, and reliable. It also posses’ controls that are of great precision especially in restricted areas.

You might be performing operations on hard rocks especially when building foundations of a structure. Kubota U35-3A3 due to its powerful digging force has been the widely spread embodiment of great thrust for operations on the construction sites. Its versatility when some other implements are added to it is also great.

Some working conditions require the machine to be stable enough to efficiently handle the operations. Kubota U48-3 possess a weight of 4.7 ton, this has always given it stability when working in confined conditions. It possesses great versatility when various appropriate implements are attached to it.

An extremely powerful excavator in the U-series has been launched. This is the Kubota U55-4. Its weight is 5.4 tons. This gives it sufficient stability to take all kinds of tasks and at the most adverse conditions of the environment. It is greatly versatile as well.

To conclude, we notice that the Kubota series has availed a variety of specifications for the various kinds of excavators to be used. The choice is always upon the buyer to assess the desired specification for their given tasks.






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