The Importance Of Tending To Your Property’s Roofing Solution


Once your home’s roofing solution reaches about 10 years of age, it’s in your best interest to start setting aside some money to account for forthcoming repairs and refurbishments, but it’s important to understand exactly why these expenses are important.

Energy Efficiency

Contrary to popular belief, your roofing solution actually represents a significant portion of your home’s thermal envelope, which means that an aged or decaying roof can considerably increase your annual heating and cooling expenditures, usually by about 35%. So if you notice any of the following problems, it’s probably time to partner with a renowned team of roofers in Hampshire:

  • Worn out spots that are absent of granules
  • Fractured, falling shingles
  • Warped or twisted borders
  • Sagging gutters and dilapidated drainage channels
  • Visible moss, mildew, or mould
  • Dark wet spots on the ceiling of your loft or attic

If addressed in a timely fashion, you’ll be able to properly insulate your home and reduce your utility expenses without tearing a hole in your wallet.

Return on Your Investment

Depending on the size and scope of your refurbishment or replacement, it’s also worth mentioning that a re-roofing project can significantly increase your home’s listing price:

  • Based on a national survey conducted in 2017, a contemporary roofing installation can boost your home’s resale value by up to £11,000.
  • According to a recent cost-versus-value report, you can recoup upwards of 72% of the upfront contractor fees, which provides a higher ROI than kitchen renovations, extensions, and even loft conversions.

Thus, even if your roof seems to be in pristine condition, you stand to gain quite a bit by tending to this integral implement, so be sure to schedule a personalised inspection with a reputable roofing firm as soon as possible.

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