The Best Paint Colors When Selling a House


Giving homes a fresh paint coat is considered as one of the most effective, efficient, and easiest ways to update a house. It returns a good Return on Investment or ROI and usually helps homes sell at a higher value and a lot faster.

Choosing an excellently fresh and light paint can make your home look more massive, more neutral, and cohesive enough to help buyers envision themselves living in the house. According to experts, choosing the perfect shade of paint for your house can have a significant impact on how the home sells in the future.

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Best paint colors for selling a property

Over the years, experts have worked with a lot of house buyers, realtors, stagers, and sellers, so they have seen what works for the property and what does not work. When it comes to selling a house, homeowners might want to choose shades that are appealing to potential buyers – the ones that are pretty neutral, inviting, and light, as well as a color that will show the space of the property well.

Ironically, these kinds of tint are consistent with the most popular paint shades that most property owners choose for themselves when planning to stay in the house.

What kinds of paint shades should people choose when they are putting their property on the market?

As a rule of thumb, when preparing a house for sale, homeowners might want to choose popular paint colors for your home – colors that are inviting, light, and neutral. Property owners might want to avoid colors that are taste specific or are too dark. Today, a lot of people think of being neutral as white, and that is usually a color, people want to avoid because they are selling a property.

A lot of realtors and stagers recommend avoiding using white color because it is uninviting, stark, and sterile. It is also pretty dull. Instead, people might want to use shades that are light and neutral but also have a personality that invites future buyers into the property. Sellers need to use paint colors that make it feel like home.

Do some think if it is neutral, it immediately means beige? Usually, it is not the best choice. It is usually a better shade, but it can also be pretty dull and dated. It is a pretty warm shade. The preference is to use cool shades. As a matter of fact, more or less 80% of customers in major cities, and people living in these cities prefer cool tones instead of warm ones.

It was that way for the last five to seven, and the preference has steadily grown. People want a tint that can help maximize the appeal of their real estate. Believe it or not, one of the most popular shades used today is gray, and it is even more popular than the most boring tint- white.

While gray is considered as the most popular shade, it does not work in all spaces. Not only that, but there are also a lot of variations of gray with taupe, blue, green, or beige undertones, so people need to find the right gray tone. But if gray does not work, a good alternative is Greige.

It is a mixture of beige and gray, and it works perfectly fine in most homes. Aside from Greiges and grays, a certain pale or light blue works as well, especially in some bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Blue is another excellent tint, and all of them work perfectly well, especially with dark hardwood floors (which are now the most popular ones), white base molding, and white cabinets.

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And while experts advised people to avoid white, there is always an exception to everything. It can work well in modern homes, especially where the home decor is a combination of gray, white, and black. But people will want to get the right shade of white and avoid other whites. Make sure to remember that the preferred shade can differ based on the property’s geography, as well as the type and style of the house, the tone of the floors, as well as the type of furniture inside the house.

But as we mentioned, the exact shade may differ based on the bathroom cabinets, kitchen, or floor tint, as well as the style of the property. We’d encourage people to see what works best for them and get testers from the paint store. Look at the color of the property’s walls and with the lights turned on. Not only that, feel free to contact any local stager near you.

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