The Best Non-Slip Kitchen Flooring Option


A wide variety of flooring options are available in the market today, from bamboo to hardwood to vinyl but non-slip are by far the best. Such flooring types prevent occurrence of slip hazards, are easy to maintain and last a long while. That is just the perfect luxury and aesthetic flooring you would need for a kitchen. The challenge then is which type of non-slip, but awesome looking flooring should a home owner install.  In order to make a good decision, one needs to consider many different options, but if you will allow us to explain, there may only be one correct choice.

Life Style

Constantly having to clean up and even refurbish can be expensive and agitating, not to mention the costs that come with it. As such, epoxy flooring is the best non-slip kitchen flooring option. It literally stands tests of time especially since it is spill and chemical resistant and also an excellent way to mask off flaws of previous flooring.

Have you considered epoxy flooring?

To begin with, epoxy flooring is super cheap compared to other flooring types, which is by far the greatest advantage. Only a few other flooring types in the market can beat it.

This flooring type also comes with low installation and maintenance costs provided it is installed by professionals. Another point to note is that it can be directly installed on other flooring types like concrete.  It is applied as a non slip epoxy floor paint.

Won’t that save you some money? To add to that epoxy floors are formulated to be relatively non-slip and heat, fire and impact resist which prevents occurrence of slip hazards in the kitchen that is also enhanced by texturizing. As mentioned earlier, the floors are resistant to almost everything including chemicals, oils even bacteria. This means the floor is easy to sanitize and will retain its original state over a long time.

Epoxy floors have also passed the durability test, having strong adhesive properties that prevents chipping of the floors, only concrete beats it at that. This sees the longevity of epoxy flooring with just the right maintenance. To crown it all off, epoxy floors are non-flammable and that is by far perfect flooring option for your kitchen.

As you spend your weekends strolling through the options at your local big box home improvement center, you may not have even thought of epoxy as a choice. It is easy to miss this incredible option, but rest assured we are confident that once you explore all your options, commercial kitchen epoxy floor coatings will be your only logical choice.

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