The Benefits of Using Flooring that Features Vinyl Planks


In order to appreciate the benefits of using flooring that features vinyl planks, you need to know a little bit about this floor material and design. Vinyl planks are made to resemble hardwood, and are thus featured in strips. Therefore, you can find this floor in a number of styles, each replicating a certain kind of wood. Some of the “woods” featured include acorn, ash, and walnut.

Vinyl is an Ideal Choice for a Budget-conscious Consumer

Today, this kind of floor is often chosen by budget-conscious renovators as it cuts down on the challenge of installation as well as the overall expense. Refurbishing on a budget means that you need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each type of flooring and find a flooring material that meets your needs with respect to durability, looks, and price. The good news is, vinyl frequently meets these kinds of requirements.

A Softer Material than Wood

Therefore, the purchase of plank flooring made of vinyl is a notably smart investment. One of the advantages of using vinyl is that it is softer than wood. Often this material is made so it is more comfortable to stand on if you are in your bare feet. Plus, objects are less likely to break when dropped if vinyl flooring is used instead of real wood.

A Quick and Easy Installation

Not only that, but vinyl is also water-resistant. Therefore, you can buy vinyl plank flooring in Perth for your kitchen or bathroom. In fact, some vinyl flooring options are completely waterproof. A vinyl plank floor can be installed right on top of a subfloor as well, making the installation quick and easy. Just make sure that the subfloor is in good condition before you begin.

A Low Level of Maintenance

If you do not wish to spend a good deal of time on maintenance, then vinyl is the logical choice for you. The product, which is long-lasting, only needs minimal routine cleaning. Therefore, you only need to sweep it regularly and occasionally run a mop over the floor to keep it looking new.

When it comes to durability, it would be hard to find a better flooring product. Vinyl can last for up to two decades. You can also install in-floor heating beneath vinyl if you so choose.

Take Extra Care when Installing this Type of Floor

However, given the advantages, you still have to be aware of the drawbacks too. For instance, vinyl does have a tendency to warp if any particles remain after the installation process. For example, a small amount of trapped dust can cause a bump to appear in the floor. Therefore, extra care must be taken when installing this kind of floor.

Although vinyl can hold up for a long time, it can still sustain damage too. Therefore, do not drag heavy furniture over the floor if you do not want to scratch it. However, you also have to be careful about making scuffs or scratches in wood, which is a much more expensive material.

Whilst vinyl plank floors do resemble wood, they will not offer the same type of resale value for your property. Nevertheless, if you want a product that is low-maintenance, attractive, and affordable, vinyl is the flooring option to pick.

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