The Benefits of Swimming as Exercise


Pretty much all forms of medical science agree that cardiovascular exercise is important and beneficial for your health. Most psychologists and psychiatrists even agree that cardiovascular exercise is good for your mood and your mental health. However, no one can agree on which specific exercise they should recommend. That is because exercising has many different factors that could alter how your body responds to the exercise. For example, many people have benefited greatly from a regimen of short or long distance running; however, many others say that running hurts their ankles, knees, hips, and so on. There are those who like cycling, but others who can’t find a comfortable way to sit in the saddle. The list of exercises and list of complaints goes on and on. A consensus has arisen, though, that swimming is one of the most effective exercises and produces very few complaints.

Why Swimming is Different

Swimming is a different kind of cardiovascular exercise, and more people feel comfortable with it. Running is a high impact exercise, for example; certain exercise scientists have found that each footfall can put three times your own weight on each knee. That means a 70 kg man is potentially putting 210 kg of stress on each of his knees over and over again. For some people, that can be quite damaging. Cycling, on the other hand, is a low-impact exercise, but it still puts great stress on your quadriceps. In the same breath, it doesn’t do as much for your hamstrings, which can create an imbalance that some find to be uncomfortable. Swimming avoids the pitfalls of both running and cycling.

The biggest drawback of swimming is having an actual facility. If you don’t have a home pool and don’t have a gym membership, you could end up spending a lot of money to set one up. However, swim spas are an affordable way to get swimming right away. The installation is quick and inexpensive.

The All-Around Exercise

Running and cycling both focus on your lower body, whereas swimming is an all-around exercise. It works your legs, core, and your upper body as well. Pretty much every part of your body experiences some form of stress while you’re swimming; however, it remains a no-impact exercise. There is not significant pressure placed on your bones and joints, as you are suspended and supported by the water encasing your body.

That is not to say that there is no pressure; the water provides resistance that creates stress. However, that stress is lower than other cardiovascular exercises and doesn’t cause spikes in stress the way a running footfall might.

Finding the right spa can be difficult. You should look for a supplier who has a history of providing great products and service. They should provide testimonials that show you how past customers have judged their company. Also, they should help you with things like shipping and maintenance. These are fundamental issues that will arise with your spa, but not every supplier helps you in these ways. The very best suppliers are interested in your well-being and your happiness. This makes all the difference; your spa should be a way to relax and get fit, rather than a source of stress for you, your family, and your wallet. A great supplier can provide this balance through a great, personalised swim spa.

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