The Benefits of Slat Fencing


The options available to you in improving the appearance of your property are endless. Some homeowners opt for hedge rows which offer a combination of attraction designs and arrangements, or brick walls, providing privacy and heightened security.

Only you can decide what is right for your property but each option will have its advantages and disadvantages. Here we’ll provide you with a solution that may just offer the best of both worlds.

Easily Customisable

Whilst simple in design, the great thing about fences are that they can be constructed in any way you desire. Some of the options include;

  • Vertical fence slats for picket fences
  • Horizontal fence slats for a modern design
  • A choice of “hit and miss” slats for a unique and attractive design

Better yet, the choice of material is for you to decide with timber or aluminium being popular.


Slat fencing provides a durable option without the need for unsightly brick or concrete walls. In addition, many companies are able to offer you an aluminium slat fencing system which removes all of the disadvantages of timber fencing such as susceptibility to rot from water exposure.

Here in Australia the effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause timber to warp over time, increasing its need for expensive maintenance. Aluminium fencing will resist sun damage and naturally resists rust and corrosion.

Aluminium is also much stronger than timber so you won’t have to worry about accidental damage from vehicles and vandalism.


The most typical reason for installing fencing and walls is to increase security to your property. Aluminium slat fencing is more than able to withstand attacks and can offer additional levels of privacy over a typical chain link fence.

Unlike a chain link fence or timber posts, aluminium cannot easily be defeated through the use of cutting and grinding tools giving you more time to notify the authorities and keep unwanted intruders off your property.

Aesthetic Appeal

Fences don’t have to be boring or plain in design. Higher quality fencing systems can be bought in a range of styles or designs meaning you’re sure to find something that suits you.

The benefit of aluminium is that it can be easily painted in any colour of your choice with the use of powder coating. This even includes the application of a timber style grain, giving your fence the appearance of traditional timber. Some of the options available include;

  • Frameless slat fencing which allows you to create appealing architectural features through the selective use of post materials such as brickwork and concrete.
  • Box screens do the exact opposite and do away with the need for posts, again creating unique design features.
  • Finally, aero screens offer all of the benefits of a fence whilst providing an attractive louvred design which can keep prying eyes out.

Request a Quotation

The options available truly are vast so if you’re stuck for ideas then it might be an idea to request a few brochures to have a look at existing and previous examples. Slat fencing in Perth is popular so if you’re in the area or nearby, there should be a company that can assist you. Always remember to obtain a few different quotes to compare prices.

With slat fencing being such a cost effective and secure option, it might be time for you to consider upgrading.

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