The Benefits of Installing Carpet in Your Home


Even though timber flooring seems to be the preference for most people when renovating their homes or selecting flooring for newly constructed houses, there are still rooms in the home where you might want to have carpet. Carpet can help keep your bedrooms warmer and muffle sounds so you don’t wake up sleeping occupants. Here are some other advantages of installing carpet in your home.

Easier Maintenance

Although it is beautiful, timber flooring needs almost continual maintenance because it can get dusty quickly. On the other hand, it is much easier to keep carpets clean by vacuuming regularly to remove dirt, dust and debris. Usually, only the high traffic areas of your carpet will require weekly vacuuming, while the other areas stay cleaner because they are not used as much.

Keep Rooms Warmer

Waking up in the winter and putting your feet down on warm carpeting is far better than touching cold timber floors. In addition, carpeting can help insulate rooms and create a cosier environment for your bedrooms and living spaces. Not only does a carpeted bedroom seem cosier, but it looks more inviting as well.

Give Rooms Style

With the vast array of colours, styles and patterns of carpeting available, you can easily find carpets that will help make your rooms look beautiful. You can either match the colour of the rooms, or create a contrast by selecting a darker hue of the wall colour. Carpet retailers in Albany also offer carpets made from a variety of fibres, including wool, wool blends and silk.

Muffle Sounds

When you have carpets in bedrooms and hallways, those rooms will be quieter because carpeting helps to absorb sound. You won’t have to worry about disturbing sleeping occupants as you walk past their rooms, and those trying to sleep can rest better because sounds outside their room will be less likely to disturb them. This benefit is further enhanced when padding is installed beneath the carpet.

Longer Lasting

When compared to timber flooring, carpet lasts longer because it is easier to maintain and it will sustain less damage. Timber flooring can easily be scratched or dented if you move furniture over its surface, or if your dog’s nails are too long and they walk or run across the floor. You can drag furniture along carpeted floors without damaging them, and smooth out the carpet’s pile by quickly running the vacuum over it.

It’s Sustainable

Wool, wool blend and silk carpets are more sustainable than carpets made from synthetic fibres because they are natural fibres. There are fewer dangers to the environment in producing these carpets, whereas many synthetic fibres are produced by using chemicals and other harmful substances. In addition, carpet can be recycled when it is replaced.

If you are trying to decide between installing timber flooring or carpeting in your home, these benefits can help you make your decision. You can create cosy, beautiful rooms by installing carpet made from natural fibres. Carpet is easier to maintain, and its appearance lasts longer than timber flooring.


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