The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows for Your Home


If you have an older home and need to replace your windows, you should consider replacing them with double glazed windows. There are many benefits to having double glazed windows, including saving on energy costs for cooling or heating. Here are some of the other reasons you should invest in double glazed windows for your house.

They Provide Better Insulation

With single paned windows, you may feel a cool or warm draught seeping through the window when you sit close to it. However, a double glazed window provides more insulation, so you will still be comfortable even when sitting close to the window. Fewer draughts mean the heater or air conditioner won’t have to work so hard to maintain a constant room temperature, helping to keep your energy costs down.

They Reduce Window Condensation

During the winter months, many homes have trouble with condensation as the cold air from outside comes into contact with the heated glass windows. This condensation can lead to deterioration of the timber window frames. However, windows with double glazing in Perth help eliminate condensation because the gas-filled space between the two panes of glass acts as a barrier between the cold air and warm glass.

They Help Reduce Noise

If you are a daytime sleeper due to your work schedule, having double glazed windows can keep outside noises from disturbing you. They will help reduce the sounds of barking dogs, street traffic, and other sounds that can keep you awake. Not only does this help you get better sleep, but you will be able to better hear what is going on in your own house by dampening loud outdoor noises.

Double Glazed Windows

They Provide Better Security

It will be harder for thieves to break your windows and enter your home with two panes of glass to break. In addition, you can have safety or laminated glass installed to help provide even more security to help prevent break-ins. If there are problems with burglaries in your neighbourhood, replace your single-paned windows with double glazed windows for added security.

They Meet Safety Standards

Most windows in older homes do not meet the safety standards set by law, but you can have them replaced with double glazed windows that do meet these standards. These safety standards have been set so no one is injured if the window glass breaks. With a double glazed window, the outside glass could break when struck by a tree limb during a storm, but the interior glass may not.

They Increase Home Values

Replacing your old windows with new double glazed windows will help improve the value of your home. Since they will help reduce energy costs and provide better security, they can help you get a better price on your house if you decide to sell it.

The many benefits of double glazed windows will help offset their cost when you have them installed in your home. To get added value, you can also have double glazed doors installed for your patio and your home’s entryways.

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