The Benefits of Bed Linen


When you want your bed to feel and look luxurious, the only product to turn toward is linen. Celebrities, luxury hotels, and high-end boutiques care about the quality of their bedding, and it is time you begin caring about yours, too. To understand why, you need to look at the many reasons linen is considered by many to be the best material for sheeting. Once you know the facts, making the switch will be not only simple, but a matter of course.

Made from flax fibres, linen is one of the world’s oldest fabrics that has been grown around the world for thousands of years. Therefore, you can lay down in a bed and enjoy something generations of people have enjoyed and slept on. After all, there is a reason linen has been around for so long.

Healthier Sleep

Linen sheets sold by such companies as Mattress City are unique in that they are bacteria resistant, ventilating, moisture absorbing, and even have the ability to evaporate moisture away from your body. In addition, linen bed sheets are known to be anti-allergic, meaning you can rest with more comfort if you have a skin disease. This is especially true for children. Families around the world choose to switch to linen when they discover their child is in need.

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Literally Massages Your Skin

One of the reasons linen sheets are so comfortable and relaxing is the thread itself. Microscopic breaks throughout the fabric allow your linen sheets to actually massage your skin as you sleep, helping you rest more deeply and awake feeling more rested.

Air Permeability and Heat Conductivity

This fabric is at once breathable and capable of holding in warmth. With this switch, you can enjoy cooler, more comfortable nights during the warm months of the year and warm nights of relaxation during the winter. Rather than spend more on energy to keep your home cool or warm, your sheets can help you achieve this on their own. The savings will present themselves in the lower monthly bill for your energy use.


Linen can absorb as much as 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet. This means you can sleep more comfortably if the air is humid, because your linens will always feel pleasant, fresh, and cool when touched or slept in. At the end of a long, hard day at work or school, you deserve the chance to dress for bed and lay down in a bed that is both welcoming and attractive.

Colours and Patterns

Linens may be an old tradition, but their design and appearance can be extremely modern. When you search online for a great new bed set, you can choose between many colours and patterns to ensure you pick the sheets best suited for your needs. Your personal style and taste should be reflected throughout your home, including your bedroom. For all of these reasons and more, millions switch to linen each year, and it is time to join their ranks.

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