The Advantages Of A Metal Roof Replacement In Florida


A popular movement amongst Florida homeowners is to select metal roofing for their properties. While metal roofing is picking up popularity throughout America, it is more prevalent in the South, as they have a heightened threat of deadly tornadoes. As we will explore, there are many benefits to going with a metal roof replacement.

Another consideration that is helping to push forward the trend of metal roof installations is that of homeowners not moving around as much. When people opt to live in one home for possibly decades, it makes more sense to invest in metal roofing.

The more significant upfront expense of installing a metal roof is the only real downside and the inability to match colors if you need to make repairs precisely. However, metal roofs are as durable as they are and rarely need repairs, so the color matching problem is never an issue most people deal with.

Roof Longevity

Connecting to the last issue that homeowners are not moving as much in Florida, investing in a roof that can last close to a century is wise. The roof’s lifespan can range somewhere between 50-70 years with a metal roof, mainly depending on how well maintained the roof is kept.

Superior Resistance to Wind

For Floridians, the strong wind resistance is a strong selling point. The rating a metal roof offers against high wind speed is bare none. In a part of America notorious for roof-destroying tornadoes and hailstorms, homeowners have peace of mind. A well-installed metal roof can take on the largest hurricanes this planet has to offer.

Curb Appeal

New style metal roofing on many residences looks stunning, with a swift exiting from the more aged metal sheds many individuals envision when metal roofing is mentioned. With a significant variance in both coloration and architecture, metal roofing instantly increases a home’s appearance.

Increase The Worth Of Your Home

As if increasing your curb appeal wasn’t enough, you’ll also be increasing the home’s resale value. Nobody likes having to replace the roof soon after moving into a new home. However, when moving into a house with a metal roof, the need to get it replaced is slim to none!

Better Energy Efficiency

A metal roof replacement has two helpful weapons to combat the extreme Florida sun. A metal roof’s first line of defense is its reflectivity; a lot of heat is easily diverted from the house via reflection. Its second defensive advantage is that a metal roof is emissive because it rapidly releases the heat it does transfer to the home. Thus, there could be significant monthly savings on the power bill when selecting a metal roof instead of an asphalt shingle roof since asphalt transfers such large amounts of heat.

Eco Positive

You’ll be pleased to find out that a metal roof is 100% recyclable for people conscious of our environment. Comparing metal to an asphalt roof, where the entire roof goes to the landfill.

Resistance To Fire

You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your metal roof is fire resistant. Metal roofs can tackle lightning strikes and wildfire and still not catch on fire.

Cheaper Insurance Premiums

Most homeowners, after getting a metal roof, will qualify to have lower homeowners insurance. This is because the insurance company knows the chance of them ever having to replace your roof is slim to none.

In addition to all the benefits discussed above, the maintenance on a metal roof is quite low. However, figuring out which roofing material to pick for a new roof installation is a substantial decision and one that should come after being fully informed, check out the Hollywood Roofing Experts. The purpose of this post was to bring light to the advantages of a metal roof replacement in Hollywood, FL.

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