The Advantages of a Flat Roof


There are two types of roofs you can have on your home; a standard, sloped roof or a flat roof. Many people believe that flat roofs need to be avoided because if they are not properly drained, they can quickly begin to leak. However, while that is a concern, there are also a number of advantages to having a flat roof on your home. You can find a great roofing company to help you maintain and service your flat roof as well. Here are some of the reasons you should consider a flat roof instead of a traditional, sloped one.

They’re More Affordable

A flat roof is less expensive than a sloped roof because it takes fewer materials to build the roof’s support structure. It also requires fewer materials to cover the roof and less time to install it. The common materials used in flat roofs are also usually more affordable, too.

More Options Outside

With a sloped roof, there’s not much you can do with it once it’s installed. However, that’s not true with a flat roof. You can have your air conditioning unit installed on the roof, or you can have solar panels installed that are hidden from view. You can also use the space as a garden. You can plant rows of small shrubs, vegetables, or exotic grasses directly on top of a flat roof, which effectively creates a “living roof.” You can learn more about these options from West Midlands roofers, an expert company that deals with flat roofs.

More Options Inside

A flat roof also gives you more flexibility inside the property. Your attic will have more usable space because the entire ceiling is the same height. With a sloped roof, you lose a good amount of space towards the walls as the roof slopes downward.

They’re Easier to Work On

When you climb onto a flat roof, you don’t have to worry about sliding or watching your tools tumble off the edge. You can easily clean gutters, install a satellite dish, and perform repairs without worrying about keeping your balance. A sloped roof, on the other hand, forces you to constantly readjust yourself to maintain balance, and it’s very dangerous even with the right tools.



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