The 10 Most Difficult Furniture Items to Assemble


When it comes to furniture that you can assemble yourself, IKEA stands at number one. No one really does it as well as they do! Another thing they do is make the furniture a test to assemble. Before you buy your next piece of IKEA furniture, go through this list to make sure you don’t get any of these things to put together on your own!

  1. Liatorp Entertainment System

    It’s hard enough to put together a regular shelving unit from IKEA, throw an entire entertainment system into the mix and you have a much bigger problem on your hands, especially if it’s the one with the glass doors! You’ll have to deal with several different shelf pieces, glass, and a whole bunch of nuts and bolts. Reading the 9 instruction manuals alone will make you want to give up before you even start!

  1. Pax Wardrobe

    The IKEA Pax wardrobe is one of the most popular pieces of furniture in the world, but even then, they haven’t made it any easier to assemble them. Starting from the fact that it has a whopping 150 pieces and is 7 feet tall. If you can’t keep track of everything, you’ll find yourself with a wardrobe that’s impossible to assemble.

  1. Billy Bookcase

    The classic, clean billy bookcases are a staple in most homes worldwide. You’d think that with the simple design, they’ll be easy to assemble, but they’re not! Not only are there several intricate steps to keep in mind, but there’s also no way to anchor them to the walls, unless you go buy them separately.

  1. Besta Wall Mounted Unit

    This nice and simple-looking cabinet can throw you in for a real spin when you try to assemble it while trying to keep all the suspension rails, anchor screws, and other tiny pieces in place! Mounting it on the wall is a bigger nightmare in itself.

  1. Kvartal Ceiling Mounted Curtains

    Ceiling curtain rods sound like a great idea when you’re trying to make your room look bigger than it is, until you have to install the rod to the ceiling. Not only is it a nightmare to level these, but they also require power tools and need you to climb up to the ceiling and stay there until it’s done!

  1. Stuva Loft Bed

    IKEA wardrobes, beds, and ladders aren’t easy to put together, but things get worse when all of them are bunched up together in one “superfurniture” that’s so difficult to assemble that you’ll end up preferring your plain mattress over it.

  1. Brimnes Storage Bed

    You might want to get one of these to take advantage of the tonnes of space that these beds have, but what you’ll get is a mountain of assembly work as you’re trying to assemble a very heavy bed and an entire storage compartment!

  2. SVärta Bunk Bed Frame

    IKEA beds are quite difficult to assemble. What’s worse, is two, stacked on top of each other. Unless you’re super confident in your assembly skills, you might end up risking the life of the child on the bottom bunk because the top bunk might let loose and come crashing down if it isn’t assembled properly!

  1. Brimnes Daybed

    This one is just a simple single daybed, should be easier to assemble, right? Not exactly. There are an insane amount of pieces to keep track of, and before you even do that, you have to read a 32-page instruction manual! And no one has time for that!

  1. Hemnes Dresser

    This classic 8 drawer dresser looks simple but is a pain to assemble. It has about a hundred different pieces and a 40 step manual that doesn’t even have any words, so you just have to guess the instructions from looking at pictures. Making the assembly a nightmare!

These are the top 10 items you shouldn’t attempt to assemble on your own. If you want the pieces anyway, it might be a better idea to get help from a Handyman in NYC instead to save your time, and your sanity.

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