Successful Construction Stands on a Firm Foundation


It’s relatively easy to understand the importance of a solid foundation in any project. This is especially true in construction, of course, because the weight of a building transfers to the earth, which can be a problem if there isn’t sufficient support to hold that weight up and level. In many situations, it’s possible to erect a structure with a basic foundation that might be a basement, a crawl space, or a concrete slab.

But this works only for homes and much smaller structures; even with these, it’s sometimes necessary to use posts in wet areas and where the soil is primarily sand. For larger buildings and in specific soil types, it’s necessary to use a method called “piling” to achieve sufficient support for the massive weight above. In this broad category, there are various designs used for particular purposes.

For Example

One of the specific types is called continuous flight auger (CFA) piling. In this method, the sides of the hole are supported by the soil. Grout or concrete is pumped into the space as the auger is withdrawn. The poured piling is reinforced immediately to gain extra strength. Specialists might also choose open-bore piling in suitable soil conditions. This process uses a steel cage and concrete fill. These are just two of the foundation piling methods that might be used.

A contractor might also use contiguous walls or secant piling, depending on the details of the project. Contiguous walls are used to hold back soil so that excavation can be performed. Secant pile walls are used to build a retaining wall where the water table is high or when ground conditions are not suitable for another method. This type is often selected for basement construction or when it’s necessary to defend against flooding.

You may also be familiar with driven cased piling, a method that uses a drop hammer to install casings of various lengths and diameters. This is a preferred method when there is soft soil above a more solid layer of soil. These casings are reinforced and filled with concrete to provide strong support. While this is a very brief overview of various piling techniques, it should be enough to help you discuss your requirements in depth.

Professional Assistance

You can learn more about this specialty when you visit the website of a trusted provider of piling services. Take some time to browse the site and learn about the expertise offered in foundations, groundwork, and design services. When you “partner” with a full-service company, you’ll have access to an in-house design team available to guide you through your process from start to finish.

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