Subtle Glass Coatings Look Attractive and Keep You Cooler


Since it is hot most of the year around here, most people look for ways to make their everyday life a little cooler and more comfortable. We add swimming pools to our homes, buy blinds for our windows and even purchase awnings for our outdoor areas to block out the sun’s heat. One thing that is becoming more and more popular is the application of either cement or polymer renders, which are placed over the windows, doors and glass of your home or office and block out the majority of the sun’s rays. This process is barely noticeable in the glass, but offers a lot of protection from the heat and is nice-looking as well. Regardless of the type of coating you’re looking for, they all perform the same function – blocking out the heat while also looking attractive and fitting in with the décor of your home.

Types of Renders

Renders come in a wide variety of materials, styles, sizes and colours. They can come in coloured textures and natural finishes, as well as cement or polymer finishes. Render systems are made to last approximately ten years and are not only attractive, but also very functional. They can be used on windows, doors and any other glass items, and include textures such as velvet, trowel and various colours.

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing render systems is that they come in both standard sizes and custom-made sizes and designs. You can essentially order whatever size and design you want when searching for renders, because they come in such a wide variety. Whether you have five windows or twenty-five, you can make them beautiful, and make your home much cooler, when you decide to add renders.

Not All Render Companies Are Alike

Finding a render in Melbourne is simple because most of the companies that make this product manufacture this item and nothing else, which means they are experts at what they do and only offer the highest-quality product. Most of them also have an extensive shop where they produce all of their items, which means the prices are very reasonable because there is no middleman. If you are unsure if this is the product you want, or cannot decide on the exact type and design for your home or office, these companies offer expert advice and recommendations to help you decide on the render that is right for you.

The companies’ websites allow you to view samples of their products, and even get exact specifications on each of the products, if you wish. The render systems are crack-resistant, water-resistant, have excellent adhesion to prevent leaks, and last an extremely long time. They are made by experienced and knowledgeable tradesmen, and can be purchased through a variety of distributors throughout the area. You can even contact the company and receive a free, no-obligation quote, as well as contact them should you have any questions left unanswered. With the wonders of the internet nowadays, starting your search for the perfect render system is quicker and easier than ever.

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