Steam Vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning: Which Method Works Best?


As a home owner, you keep your carpet as clean as you can with regular maintenance, however every carpet needs a professional deep clean from time to time to enhance its integrity and longevity. Hiring a professional carpeting cleaning service on occasion is a great, effective way to keep your home’s carpeting in optimal condition for many, many years. When looking into companies you will often see that they offer various kinds of cleaning options to clients. The most common options are steam cleaning or dry carpet cleaning. Here are some tips to help you determine which carpet cleaning method will work best for your carpeting.

Steam cleaning is often the most popular carpet cleaning method. This is a hot water extraction method. The hot water is mixed with a shampoo that is saturated into your carpeting to get out stains and provide a deep clean. Once the saturation is complete, they professional will suck up the water and shampoo with a strong vacuum. This effectively removes most stain and also helps to get rid of dust mites and other allergens that may linger in the fibers of your carpeting. The down side of this serve is that the entire procedure from start to finish often takes up to 8 hours to complete. In addition, shampoo may linger behind after the vacuuming procedure that can build up and end up making your carpet look dirtier, faster.

There are a few different dry cleaning options for homeowners to request as well. These do involve some water usually, despite the name. The first option is a foam dry cleaning which uses machines with rotating brushes. The brushes push a carpet shampoo into the fibers of the carpet which is then removed with a high power vacuum. This can typically be done in about an hour, saving you time! The shampoo and bristles, however can be damaging over time and may reduce the longevity of your carpets.

another dry cleaning option involves granules and this is the “driest” option available. The granules are worked into the carpet with a rotating brush. The granules work differently than a shampoo since they loosen dirt. The granules and dirt or allergens are then sucked up with the vacuum. This option is often the most ideal choice since there is no shampoo residue which means your carpet will look cleaner longer or the best long term results. This method unfortunately does not remove mold or mites but it does clean deeply. In addition there is no dry time, so you can get back into your home faster after the cleaning.

While all carpet cleaning options are effective, you need to determiner which is right for you by weighing the pros and cons of the results and the damage done to your carpets. While steam cleaning may leave shampoo residue behind, it doesn’t invoke harsh bristles.On the other hand, steam cleaning takes much longer, whereas dry cleaning with granules takes little to no dry tome at all. Consult a professional from Chem-Dry or your local cleaning company for more information to choose the service that will work best for you and your needs. No matter which service you use, you will be happy with your clean carpet.

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