Some Important Roofing Laws around the World


As a home owner, you would want to familiarise yourself with laws that are relate to your building. Just as there are local laws on how you build a house, there are also laws on roofing. This could either be on the type of material that are suitable for use in that region or the style of roof to use in your building. It is important that you find out if there are any laws on roofing in your local and make sure you abide by them as there are set in place for the general good.

Building regulations could also restrict roof expansions or set limits due to space. You might want to roof your home the way you like but you would also want to consider other people. The type of roof to use in an area is mostly determined by the weather condition in that area. Regions with high rainfall would mostly make use of metal sheets, or step tiles designed with gutters to help with drainage during a heavy downpour.

The Green Roof Policy

In some countries around the world, there are laws on roofs. For example, the Green Roof Policy is popular in major cities of the world. Some examples include Toronto, San Francisco, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Germany. The green roof policy is put in place by the government and in most cases requires that a number of new buildings be built with a growing medium around the roof. This helps to improve the aesthetics of a building or street while also assisting in the diversion of waste and to improve the air quality. Other benefits of a green roof is that they help to manage storms by retaining water and acting as wind breakers while also keeping the heat in moderation. They also help to reduce the impact of fire and improve the market value of a property.

Environmental activists around the world are calling for the governments to pass into law the need for green roofs to help improve the eco-system; while this is a good step, there is still a lot of awareness to be carried out especially in regions where green roofs are not popular. The France law on green roof requires that buildings that are newly built in the commercial areas should be partly covered in solar panels or plants. They help to reduce the heat during summer and act as insulators during winter thus keeping the building warm.

While you are at liberty to choose the style and material of roof to use, you want to ensure that you are not breaking any laws. There are also policies that govern roof installation and safety precautions. This is why you want to ensure that roofers make use of the right equipments and observe all safety precautions. When you insure your home, you also want to ensure that you read through the policies and laws to find out if the roof is covered and to what extent. Most policies cover damages resulting from disasters such as storm or fire outbreak due to a wild fire.

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