Some Carpeting Basics


If you’re looking for carpet for your home or office, there are some details you should think about. For example, carpet for your home will be different than carpet for your office. Carpet for an office is often designed for ease of cleaning and for the rolling wheels of office chairs. Carpet for your home is often designed for aesthetics and for comfort.

The Backing

Carpet begins with the backing. Carpet suppliers in Bolton can provide you with carpets offering many different kinds of backing.

  • The backing that you will get with your carpet is the material that forms the base.
  • The nap is woven into the backing.
  • The backing needs to be resilient and strong. It needs to resist water damage as well.

You need to also consider the type of nap you are looking for.

The Nap

The nap of your carpet is the material that forms the individual fibres as well as their length. If you are looking for a carpet that is comfortable and soft, you need a nap that is long. You also need one made of a very soft material. These carpets will likely need more cleaning, however. They will also bind up the wheels of your rolling office chair.

If you are looking for carpet for your office, you will likely want one with a highly resilient material and an extremely low nap. That will make it much easier to clean. You will be able to roll your office chair wheels on it without them binding. You’ll also be able to easily vacuum a low-nap carpet.

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