Signs You Need an Emergency Plumber


Plumbing problems can vary from minor leaks on your sprayer nozzle on your kitchen sink to pipes bursting and causing thousands of dollars of damage. How do you know when to call a plumber for an emergency repair or when you can possibly repair the issue yourself? While not all plumbing problems warrant an emergency call to a reliable plumber, there are some that should be taken seriously to avoid further damage and unnecessary expense. For this reason, you must educate yourself about the serious signs that you need emergency plumbing.

Toilet Unable to Flush

Most homeowners experienced clogged toilets at least once last year, problems that were typically fixed by plungers. However, you may need to call emergency plumbing services if you try a plunger and find it did not do the job. Clogs not fixed by traditional methods often pointed to bigger problems in the home, leading many homeowners to hire professionals right away. If you have one or more toilets backed up with no working solution, you should not wait to call.

Water Stains

Take a moment to thoroughly examine your walls and ceiling for water stains. Such stains occurred in homes across Australia and many homeowners ignored them for weeks before calling professionals. What these men and women failed to realise was that stains indicate a leak somewhere in the house, which can lead to mould and mildew growth. Some moulds, such as black mould, can cause severe health issues and even death after long exposures. To protect yourself, contact an Ultra emergency plumber in Surfers Paradise. These professionals quickly locate and remove the source of a leak, effectively taking you out of harm’s way in the process.

Water stains may also indicate a more serious issue such as the beginning of a potentially dramatic event. As leaks continue, water might begin to build up in the ceiling, which can begin to weaken structures inside the home. When exposed to moisture, wood structures begin to grow mould, which in turn begin to rot the wood. If left to grow and continue eating at the wood, such an invasion might cause a serious cave-in, which can effectively leave you homeless or, worse, cause someone in the home harm. For this reason, you must call an emergency plumber the moment that you suspect a leak.

Higher Water Bill

By nature, water bills may already be higher during certain months of the year but a sudden spike from one month to the next may indicate a plumbing issue. In short, you may have a leak somewhere in the property causing you to lose thousands of litres a year, which can quickly add to each month’s water bill. In addition, you may have an underground water leak hiding out of sight, which would cause the same results. To counteract this problem, an emergency plumber will utilise high-quality equipment to locate and fix the problem at its source. No matter what you find wrong inside your home, these professionals work to save you time and money however possible.

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