Signs for Judging How Urgently You Need Basement Waterproofing


 If unchecked, a basement leak can cause major foundation and structural issues and potentially lead to the collapse of your home. Scare tactics aside, there are four levels of water damage ranging from the mild to emergency situation. In each of these cases, it is necessary to call in a basement waterproofing contractor to fix or manage the problem. It is important that you know how severe your basement water problem is so you know when to take action.

Mild Damage

The first and mildest stage of a leaky basement is noticing discoloration and dampness on the walls. If your basement smells musty, walls feel damp on your hand and/or you notice watermarks and stains on the walls, you are in the first stage of potential foundation damage. The good news is waterproofing the basement at this point is fairly easy and affordable. A contractor from affordable should be able to get the job done within a day assuming that there are no other hidden issues. It is highly recommended that you take action at this stage because repairs get more intensive and expensive moving forward.

Moderate Damage

This stage has more visual cues particularly on the basement walls. You may notice a whitish or salt-like substance on the walls (efflorescence), peeling paint, mold and narrow cracks on the walls which are only visible upon close inspection. This stage indicates that the water issue has gone on for too long without getting addressed. Although your home is under no immediate risk of collapsing or other major structural issue, this stage is serious. The mold and efflorescence can affect your health and you might notice your family beginning to experience health issues, especially respiratory related problems. The basement can still be fixed with a few fairly minor procedures.

Severe Damage

There is a real risk at this point and you might begin to notice physical signs such as respiratory issues. The basement is much harder to fix at this point but it is still possible. During this stage, you notice pools of water collecting around the walls, major cracks on the wall and floor and rotting in the foundation. You need to get this issue addressed as soon as possible before the final and most critical stage. You will probably have to spend a good amount of money but you have no choice if you would like to keep your home.

Extreme Damage

This stage will almost certainly require you to reinforce or rebuild the foundation entirely. Your family’s safety is at real risk during this time and you need to call a contractor immediately. Common signs include damaged or broken drainage pipes, walls moving downward or inward, and the house has physically moved (either horizontally or vertically).

These are just some of the signs that you need basement waterproofing. Whatever stages your basement might be in; it is prudent that you call a certified and experienced contractor to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


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