Should I Contact a Plumber or Drainage Contractor?


Every homeowner is faced with a leaky pipe or drainage problem at some point. It is one of the responsibilities that comes along with owning your own home. With all the pipes, sewage drains, and appliances that are located on our properties, it is inevitable that we will be faced with a backed-up sink or toilet eventually. When that happens, who do you need to contact? A plumber or a drainage expert?

Decide What Type of Problem You’re Dealing with to Determine Who to Call

The one thing to remember when you are trying to determine if you need to contact a plumber or one of the Avon drainage contractors in the area is the flow of the water. If your problem is with the water that flows away from your home, it is time to contact a drainage contractor. If you have a problem with water that enters your home via a leaky pipe, for example, then you will need to get in touch with a plumber. Sometimes, a plumber will offer to unclog a drain or repair a radiator pipe, since it is a problem inside your home, but in most cases, when it comes to a problematic drain, it is best to contact a drain specialist.

What if I Have Problems with My Sewer Pipes or Drains?

If you have a problem with the pipes located outside of your home, but the issue is still on your property, you will need a drainage contractor for assistance. If you have problems with the sewer system or drains that are outside your property, a drainage contractor will be able to help. A plumber typically does not have the tools or the experience needed to take care of outdoor sewer issues, therefore you will need to get in touch with a professional drainage contractor to resolve your problem.

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