Secrets Locksmiths Know

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If you think your home is safe and secure on the inside and the outside, an expert locksmith can tell you quite the opposite. After all, it’s part of their trade to get into a locked and secure home! So, it’s their profession to understand and know more about how to keep a home safe and secure, than anyone. Let’s have a look at a few surprises about security that only a respectable locksmith can relate to:

A Deadbolt isn’t always so secure

Self-installed deadbolts are not always as secure as you might think, especially should longer screws have not been used to install the face plate on the door frame, which will then weaken it. Plus, a small deadbolt with a short strike is inadequate to a determined thief.

Most Keys Can be copied

A key may be stamped with a “do not duplicate” phrase, but this simply doesn’t mean they haven’t been be copied. Except for when a key cutter sees a stamp from the government or other such marking, they can duplicate any key which happens to be brought into the shop.

Try opening the Door!

Yes, try it! Locksmiths can tell you of times that they have gone to homes and found the door opened with ease! Could be the damp weather, or something else jamming up the door. (But they will understandably charge you a fee for the call out)

Rekey a New Home’s Locks

When moving into a new home, always have all the locks rekeyed. Otherwise, there’s a chance that there’s a master key out there that can open all your doors.

Did You Check that the Safe is Properly Closed?

When you’re closing your home safe, spin the dial, push and click the button, turn the handle, and make sure it’s properly closed and cannot in any way be opened. If in Melbourne, check out expert locksmith services in Sandringham, if in need of reliability and the best. Different kinds of safes work in a number of different ways, and how they lock might just not be the same as the last one or the one you keep elsewhere. Get familiar with the new one.

It’s really not too difficult to open Low Cost Locks from Big Stores

A large number are manufactured by big brand names, but to low standards. Grab at least a grade 2, for some good old fashioned peace of mind.

More than the one Occasion

Don’t worry if you have to call out a locksmith again in a short span of time (even on the same day). They don’t mind as business is business!

If you are locked out, don’t call More than one of them!

Locksmiths can tell you tales about people who happened to call out more than one of them. Can you imagine two or three turning up for the very same job? If this does occur, most good locksmiths will simply agree to leave the inconsiderate caller alone to themselves.

Keep a reliable and trustworthy locksmith’s number written down somewhere or on your cell phone.

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