Scare Away Intruders At Your Home With A CCTV! Here’s How


A wireless CCTV camera for your home can be a great addition if you are constantly worried about the safety of your home and the premises. However, when it comes to the external surroundings of your house, do you think just a regular camera will do justice?

You need an external CCTV camera for all things external. Simply installing any of the regular CCTV cameras will not make the cut, because they are indoor cameras. With the perfect external security camera, you will be able to scare away intruders and keep your surroundings safer than ever before.

Which is the perfect external security camera?

The perfect external security camera – does exist! The Airtel Xsafe outdoor security camera is Airtel’s answer to your very own personal security guard. And it is filled to the brim with all the features and benefits that you could ever ask for. Here are some of those features that will prevent any chances of robberies or thefts at home.

Active Defence

One of the best features that helps the Xsafe outdoor camera stand apart from the rest is this – two spotlights. These lights have been designed to ensure that no one even dares to enter your premises in the darkness of the night. Intruders will no longer have the audacity to break into your home – the extremely bright spotlights will take care of that.

Wireless camera & Live View

The Xsafe outdoor security camera is completely wireless and works with the help of your home’s broadband connection. Hence, it will also allow you to see what is happening around, in real time. Facilitated by the Live View feature, you can keep an eye on the surrounding areas of your home, round the clock from your smartphone.

Intelligent tracking

It also packs in intelligent tracking tech – motion detection and person detection. Whenever the Xsafe camera notices any sort of irregularity, it will instantly send a notification to your smartphone and alert you.

Night Vision

Remember those spy or action-based movies where they show that you can spot your enemies in the dark with the help of night vision? Well, now you can have one such device at your home as well. The Xsafe outdoor camera has been equipped with all the tech to help you see clearly, even when the Sun has set!

Made to withstand nature

The Xsafe outdoor camera is marked with the IP67 rating. Hence, no matter what you throw at it, the device will not be affected. Be it the intense summers, the torrential monsoon rains or spine-chilling cold weather – the Airtel outdoor camera will withstand whatever you throw at it.

Loving what you see and want to learn some more about the Airtel Xsafe outdoor cameras? Then, visit the Xsafe website and see it for yourself. Enhance your safety with the best CCTV cameras at the best prices.

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