Save More with a Rainwater Tank


As you likely well know, many areas in Australia have trouble getting water, particularly those far from the source. Because of this, many homeowners and businesses have opted to get a rainwater tank that can not only store water but also last in the harsh weather of this beautiful country.

In addition to those living in the rural areas, residents living in the city stand to benefit greatly from these water storage solutions. No matter where you live in Australia, there are many reasons why you should have a rainwater tank installed on your property. In fact, the savings on water alone are worth enough for most residents to consider the addition.

Save on Bills

As previously mentioned, there is a significant opportunity for residents and businesses alike to save a great deal on water bills. Water consumption at home can be costly, especially if you have a large household. This is also true of large office buildings with many employees. Flushing the toilet, for example, adds up to as much as 30 percent of your utility bill. Take note also of the showers taken in your home, how often you clean with soap and water, and even how often your loved ones pour a glass of water. With such a great opportunity to save, the demand for rainwater tanks in Sydney alone is extremely high.

Choose the Appropriate Size

Whether you own a small home on the outskirts of Sydney or a large building right in the centre, you can install a rainwater tank perfect for your needs. There are many different sizes and types available to suit any level of demand. If you have a smaller home with only a few residents, you might want a tank capable of holding just over 26,000 litres. If you have a much larger building and need to use far more water, you can install a tank capable of holding more than 260,000 litres. The sizes get even larger from that point on.

Included and Optional Features

The most reputable rainwater tank providers offer a number of features included with all of their tanks, as well as many optional features. Along with every tank should be a 100mm bellmouth overflow, 50mm scour drain, removable internal and external ladder, and much more. Optional features should include a water level gauge, dust and vermin proofing seal, and other akin conveniences.

No Restrictions

Water levels are constantly in danger due to climate change and other environmental changes, leading to government-imposed restrictions. This can be a problem for businesses and households that need to use more water than usual. Fortunately, collecting rainwater can solve this problem, or at least make water consumption less of a worry. You will have more than enough for your daily hygiene, cleaning needs, and even extra luxuries, such as filling a small pool.

Help the Environment

Clean water is a precious commodity, and it is quickly depleting. To help lessen this loss, conserving water is imperative. The less water you draw from the source, the longer that source will last. You can also do your part by checking your home for leaks regularly, replacing washing machines and dishwashers with water efficient models, and, of course, installing a rainwater tank on your property.

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