Roof Inspections: What You Should Expect


If you own a home, roof maintenance is an important task that must be considered each year. The state of your roof may not always be top of mind, but it is an important component of your home’s structure and will affect its overall condition. Keeping it in good shape can prevent repair costs and problems such as water damage in the future. It is important to be proactive and schedule a roof inspection by a professional, experienced roofer each year.

Why a Professional Roof Inspection is Important

A roof inspection should always be completed by a trained professional. While it can be tempting to rely on your own expertise to perform a rough visual inspection, a half-hearted check is never sufficient. Your roof endures all kinds of weather and can experience wear and tear that may not be obvious to the untrained eye.

A proper check by roofing services, such as Logik roofing company will include a thorough inspection of both interior and exterior structures. This is not only very difficult to do without training and experience, but can also be very dangerous without the use of proper safety equipment. If you need roofing contractors in different cities across Canada or for your home in the surrounding GTA, hire the professionals at Logik Roofing to keep your home and family safe.

Especially after a harsh winter, a roof inspection is important to maintaining the integrity of your home. If repairs or maintenance are required, we will provide our recommendations after the appointment and speak to you about timing and budget to ensure you receive the most transparent and reliable roofing service possible.

What to Expect During Your Roof Inspection

Never had your roof checked before? If this is the first inspection you’ll have completed on your home, here’s what you can expect from your appointment:

  1. Home Walkthrough – The roofing professional will examine ceilings, walls, and the attic of your home for signs of damage. Let the inspector know if you have any concerns about water damage, electrical issues, or drywall problems.
  2. External Inspection – They will also walk the perimeter of your property, taking note of the location and features of your roof. Before conducting a more involved examination of the roof, siding, and eaves, the roofer will take note of any obvious external signs of damage.
  3. Ascending the Roof – Taking the proper safety precautions, your roof inspector will closely look at the construction of your roof and the state of your vents and chimney. Any common issues such as missing shingles, damaged bricks, seams, or wear and tear will be reported.

Book a Residential Roofing Inspection Service

Hire trusted professionals at Logik Roofing for your roofing services in Scarborough, North York, Mississauga, and Toronto. Our team of roofers offer fast and friendly services for any size of home or roofing material. We offer a range of services from professional gutter cleaning to residential roofing inspections. From consultations, inspections and maintenance, we are dedicated to keeping your roof in great condition.

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