Resist the Incidence of Skids with Non-Slip Laminate Flooring


Also called anti-slip laminate flooring, non-slip laminate flooring can be utilised in areas that tend to get damp in the home, where slips and falls are more likely to occur. The floors are also made for barefoot traffic. If you have a household member who is elderly or very young, then you will appreciate the characteristics of this type of floor.

How Non-Slip Floors Are Made

When homeowners renovate their home, they gain inspiration from trending designs and ideas they pick up from home decorating magazines. However, they have to look at the practical and safety elements of a floor, too. Skid-resistant laminate flooring is made of materials that are impermeable to water. The joints and edges of the flooring are sealed to minimise potential injuries from water spillages.

That is why, when you renovate a bathroom or kitchen, Highbridge flooring services technicians recommend laminates that are non-slip. Some laminate floors can also withstand a considerable amount of traffic, making them the ideal choice for the living area as well.

Your Number One Flooring Choice

When you consider that slips and falls are some of the most common mishaps inside a home, slip-retardant flooring is an excellent choice for any renovation project. Also, when you see the various colours and patterns that are available in this type of product, you will want to make it your number one flooring choice.

In order to open up your space, choose a neutral and light colour for a floor. A darker colour is better if you want a larger space to appear more warm and inviting. Make sure the shade and design work in well with your overall decorating scheme and that the choice integrates well with the other colours in your house. Play it extra safe by choosing a non-slip flooring design.

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