Replacing Damaged Glass: Act Quickly to Avoid Problems


You’ve just arrived at your premises to find that someone has vandalised your shop window and it has now become compromised. There is considerable damage to the structure, meaning it could shatter at any time and shards of glass would be scattered all over your property. So, what do you do? The most important thing is to immediately contact a window replacement specialist and have them come over to change the panel before it disintegrates.

Why Is It Important to Act Quickly?

Safety – You’ve already a big problem on your hands trying to deal with replacing a broken window, the last thing you need is for that window to shatter all over your shop floor. It presents a huge hazard if anyone enters your premises to purchase goods, they could easily get hurt or slip on broken glass shards. Not to mention that they may take one look at your store and think it has been hit by a bomb while quickly walking towards the exit. The most important thing to consider is the safety of your staff and customers, that is why you should act promptly and call a specialist who offers glass replacement in Perth if your business is situated in the city or surrounding suburbs.

Protection – It is fine to cover the window with a black plastic bag or cardboard to give it some stability, but this should only be a temporary fix while you wait for a professional window replacement company to visit your store. You should contact a business who provides emergency services, so you’ll have your window fixed that same day. It is important not to leave your business exposed overnight. Opportunistic criminals may notice that your shopfront window is only protected by a plastic or cardboard cover and decide to break in, you’ll make it very easy for them if you don’t have your glass replaced.

Appearance – Leaving your shopfront window temporarily covered with plastic or cardboard won’t just leave you open to burglary, it will also affect your sales. Customers don’t want to enter a store which looks dilapidated, they’ll generally avoid shops with a derelict appearance and opt for more presentable establishments. Your shopfront, including your windows should be in pristine condition, it is the only way you’ll continue to see clients regularly walk through the door.

Energy efficiency – Even if you notice a small crack or hole in your window, you should act upon it. Minute cracks compromise the structure of the window and with strong winds the glass pane could suffer additional damage. If the panel becomes weak, it won’t be as efficient as a solid structure. A damaged pane will affect the windows efficiency, increasing your utility bills.

It is vital to act promptly if your shopfront window has been damaged, if you notice any minor problems you should also have them addressed before they become a major issue. Contact a professional replacement company as soon as you can and don’t leave your shop window exposed overnight.

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