Reasons Why Cabinet Refacing Is a Great Alternative


The kitchen is one of the busiest places in a home, and it comes as no surprise why many people would want to give it a face-lift on a regular basis. Most times, selling a house at a great price comes down to the quality of the cooking area, storage, doors and appliances. These could make all the difference between getting the price you want and settling at a price far below your valuation.

When you decide to revamp your kitchen then consider cabinet refacing! The Contractors Inc is proudly serving Virginia, Maryland and the District of Colombia. They are totally convenient and affordable..There is very little reason to replace the whole cabinet- as cabinet boxes are built to last. Cabinet refacing offers the luxury of changing and updating the cabinet look, while keeping costs low.

Cabinet Refacing is Inexpensive

Completely replacing old kitchen furniture with new ones can be very expensive, costing three times the amount of cabinet refacing! Because replacing your cabinets can be so expensive, many home owners end up having to cut corners in other areas- such as countertops- which results in an incomplete look. It’s hard to get everything you want, but The Contractors Inc. can give you an up-to-date quality look, while staying within budget

The Durability of Older Wood Work

We’ve all heard the saying “they don’t build them like they used to”, and when it comes to homes this can be all to true. The craftsmanship in older homes extends past the frames and into the kitchen cabinets. With strong and durable woods, nicely smoothed edge drawers, and artistically built dovetail joints there is no need to replace the ‘old’ cabinet boxes. Rather, the desire is to up-date the look of the home. Cabinet refacing is the best option when it comes to updating and refreshing!  .

Great Results in Less Time

Remodeling can be stressful. The kitchen is a vital part of every home, and often the hub of family time. Remodeling can cause serious disruption for weeks or even months during the entire renovation process. The Contractors Inc. can be in and out in as little as one day- with the majority of our projects taking no more than 3 days. We are prided in our cleanliness, and our ability to create less hassle for you!

Cabinet RefacingIs green

Global warming has become a world problem, and we have all been urged as much as possible to play our part in ensuring a greener planet. You will be contributing immensely to ensuring a greener planet, if you choose to keep your quality kitchen furniture like drawers and shelves.

With the obvious merits of cabinet refacing, one can see reasons why homeowners are choosing this green, affordable, and convenient option for their home and family.





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