Re-tiling Your Roof: Understanding the Process


Homeowners in Perth know how important it is to have a roof that protects the framework of their home. A well-built roofing system safeguards a residence from the impact of thunderstorms, winds, and hail.

Sometimes you cannot quickly repair roof damage. Instead, re-roofing or re-tiling is advised. Re-roofing is a process by which a new roof is installed on top of an old roof, or an old roof is torn down and a new roof is installed. When re-roofing is suggested, it is important that you use the services of professional roofers. Not only is this a safer way to proceed, it will also help you avoid any unnecessary delays.

Call in the Professionals

After all, one of the greatest concerns of do-it-yourself replacements is the issue of safety. Whilst the Internet offers plenty of safety guidelines, these guidelines still cannot replace the equipment that is used by skilled roofing professionals. If you decide to re-roof your roof yourself, you are also more liable to make errors. These mistakes can lead to leaks, insulation difficulties, or even serious structural damages – all of which translate to substantial expenditures.

An average DIY roofing job may take weeks to complete as well. Even if you secure your roof tiles in Perth, you may not be able to finish the job as fast or as completely as a professional roofing company. Typically, roofing contractors can finish the job in only a few days. Given the time required and issues that can develop from doing it yourself, it is easy to see why you should depend on a professional.

Do Not Place Your Family at Risk

Not only that, but bad weather can also foil do-it-yourself roofing efforts. Plus, if you are installing a complex roofing system made of tile or metal, you may find that even a well-planned DIY project is not detailed enough. It is always better to choose a professional company when your family’s safety is at risk. It simply is not worth it to put safety at risk simply to save some extra money.

If you request professional help, there are three main phases to installing a new roof. These include measuring the roof area and creating a replacement plan, preparing the roof, and finally, installing the roof.

Taking the Measurements

Therefore, the first thing a roofer will do is examine your old roof and take measurements. He will then carefully examine the guttering and roofing for the proposed project. Next, he will analyse the data and provide an estimate. He will also provide you with a selection of roofing features and options.

Preparation for installation includes using the necessary safety precautions to clear and clean the roofing site. Workers will then begin stripping away the metal flashing and existing tiles, if they are removing the entire roof. Any degraded battens will be replaced as well.

After laying the insulation, the roofers will begin the installation process. You can install roofs made of metal, slate tiles, concrete tiles, or terracotta tiles. Tiles can last as long as 50 to 100 years. So, having them professionally installed can substantially increase the value of your property.

Re-roofing is an important undertaking. When your house is covered by the right roofing system, it is protected as well. Not only is a new roof an aesthetic improvement, it is an enhancement that makes your home safer and more comfortable as well.

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