Re-Keying vs. Changing Locks: Which is The Better Choice For You?


Some people are wondering whether they can just re-key their locks or they need to change it and have a new one installed instead. If you have ever lost your keys, or you moved to a new house, or maybe had to keep some people who had access to your keys in the past deter them from entering your establishment, then choosing from these two options would be your concern.

You have to know that there are instances where you can just re-key your locks, while there are also events where you will really need to install a new lock system. If you are not sure what to do, then keep these tips in mind when comparing rekeying and changing locks:

Re-keying A Lock

When you lost your keys and you still want to keep the same locks, then re-keying is the best choice for you. This is done by changing some of the internal components such as the key pins or tumblers of your lock. If you replace the key pins with a different set, this will set up the lock to work using a different key. Yes, this may sound complicated, but if you hire a professional from San Antonio commercial locksmith, then they can do this for you.

What the locksmith does is to have the right key for you. You do not have your original keys anymore so they have to pick the lock open in order to rekey it. As complex as it sounds but this is an easy job for an experienced locksmith. So if you need rekeying, call a locksmith.

Changing Your Locks: When Should You Do It?

Now that you know what rekeying is all about, it is time to determine when do you need to change your locks. First, you can change your locks if you want to change the color or the design of your locks. This is usually done when someone moves into a new home or building and the locks are already rusted and too old to function properly. Also, you will need to change your locks if your establishment has different lock brands and you want all of them to work using the same key.

Re-Keying vs. Changing Locks

So, re-keying vs changing locks, which is the best option for you? Now that you know the difference between these two, you should be able to determine which is better – to change locks or to hire a locksmith to re-key your locks. Just make sure that you get in touch with an experienced locksmith to do the job for you. Whether it’s changing locks or re-keying, this should not be that complicated of a job for a locksmith who has been doing this for years, or maybe decades.

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