Quit Bugging Me!


With summer around the corner and nature coming back out to play, some of its more bothersome qualities will also come back with it. Everyone loves the sunny season but those bugs and pests that went away all winter will be thriving again and will inevitably find their way into your home. No one wants to spend his or her summer holiday worrying about creepy crawly critters. What are the options to keep it from happening all together?

Quick Tips Keep Critters Out

You don’t want your house to become a bug hotel, so following these simple steps could lead to total prevention rather than wasting gorgeous weather inside searching for pest control services in Wakefield.

  • Check for Signs: This seems simple enough but sometimes you just have to look for the signs. Examine the gutters, the attic, and anywhere you know there are gaps.
  • Keep it Clean: Any mess can lead to attracting bugs and small animals inside.
  • Keep Anything Edible Locked up: Put uneaten food into containers rather than just having it sitting in the pantries. Any added barriers will help.
  • Avoid Moisture: Damp surfaces are great places for bugs to hang out, so look out for any leaks.

What Professional Steps Could Help?

If you do decide to call in a professional, there are a lot of services that can help keep your home pest-free. Every specific type of pest has a weak spot and a professional will get you back in the sunny summer mood in no time.

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