Quick Guide to Commercial Dishwashers for Your Restaurant


If you run a restaurant or any other type of food service or dining establishment, you’re probably familiar with having to do a few dishes. In fact, it can often be overwhelming with how many dishes you’re faced with on a daily basis in the food industry. While doing dishes by hand is an option, it’s not necessarily a practical option. To keep up with the food, dishes, and other restaurant tasks, you may want to have a commercial dishwasher installed.

You and your restaurant can benefit greatly from the use of a commercial dishwasher. You’ll be able to get dishes cleaner faster every day. This will speed things up around your restaurant, helping you to give your customers a better dining experience. Read more to learn about commercial Norris dishwasher for sale and how they can help your business.

Why You Should Invest in a Commercial Dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers are designed to handle large loads of dishes and wash everything from delicate china to heavy duty pots and pans, giving you as a restaurant owner and your employees more time for food preparation, general management, and more. Here are a few more reasons to invest in a commercial dishwasher:

  • Save Time – You’ll save a lot of time when you choose to have a commercial dishwasher installed. You and your employees will spend a fraction of the time you would otherwise using a dishwasher rather than washing by hand.
  • Save Money – Once you’ve made your initial investment in a dishwasher, you can start saving money. Commercial dishwashers are designed to conserve energy and water, so you’ll save money when running one for your dish washing needs instead of choosing hand washing options.
  • Less Stress – Since dishwashing can be time consuming, it can be stressful when there is a tight schedule for getting food to customers. Save yourself and your restaurant the stress and instead invest in a commercial dishwasher.
  • Improved Clean – If you want the best clean for your dishes, you should use a commercial dishwasher. Commercial dishwashers are designed to bring you the most efficient clean for all of your dishes and cooking or dining utensils.

Tips for Choosing a Dishwasher

If you’re considering investing in a dishwasher for your business, here are some helpful tips to help you choose a unit:

  • Set a Price Point – Start by setting an appropriate price range that will work for you and your budget.
  • Choose an Appropriate Size – There are all sizes of commercial dishwashers that will handle different load sizes. Be sure to consider how many dishes you need to be wash per hour before you choose.
  • Special Settings – If there are any special settings you need, be sure to keep them in mind when choosing a dishwasher.

Leasing or Buying?

Last but not least, you’ll want to choose between buying or leasing. Both have their advantages, but it’s always a good idea to invest in buying, especially if you can benefit from other included perks from purchasing from a reputable provider as well.

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