Professional Tree Management Services, Close to Home


Trees have been appreciated and unappreciated. They have been used and misused. But through the centuries, one factor has remained the same with these giants of the plant world: they serve a number of important purposes in a world that would be less enjoyable and not quite so liveable without them. Without becoming too poetic, it’s enough to say that we need trees and should do what we can to give them proper care.

Fortunately, there are companies who specialise in this very task with tree management at the top of their priority list. They maintain a qualified and experienced staff with members who can handle issues without resorting to over-aggressive measures. Extreme lopping of branches is generally a last resort with these experts.

Accurate Assessment

One of the keys to success in this essential field involves the ability to correctly assess the risk that trees might pose to structures, to human beings, and to animals. Using a risk-assessment system, this group of professionals can evaluate the variables to decide if a tree or group of trees must be given remedial action or must be removed.

When the subject of conversation turns to tree lopping in Perth, you’ll find that members of the International Society of Arborists follow a conduct code guiding them to follow stringent tree-care practices. The steps taken during their work are based on extensive knowledge of pruning techniques and how those actions affect the health of a tree. Based on thousands of studies conducted through the years, these experts understand that many pruning practices are detrimental to the well-being of trees.

Lopping is considered to be among the worst of these practices with disastrous long-term effects for the tree. This action can also create hazards for people and property, which is why the top providers of tree-management services avoid lopping at all costs. You may want to visit the website to learn more about proper tree care and gather valuable information to help you in future decisions about your trees and other vegetation.


You’ll also discover that removal of trees or branches is a specialty. But you won’t have the unpleasant surprise of going out to look at your trees only to find the healthy growth has been cut down to a shadow of its former self. When you work with these professionals, an arborist will assess the situation carefully and determine what level of trimming, pruning, or removal is necessary. Services offered include pruning and shaping, which is always encouraged as an alternative to removal.

If removal is necessary such as when a tree is just in the wrong location, if the tree is home to pests that cannot be tolerated, or if the tree is diseased beyond saving, then safe removal is carried out. You also have access to expert stump grinding services, fence-line clearance, and power line clearance. In fact, if you have questions or concerns about any situation involving trees on your property, you would be wise to get in touch with a representative to discuss the details.


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