Pro Tips For Decorating Like A Designer


Has it always been your fantasy to know the decorating secrets of renowned designers and give a makeover to your home by incorporating them? Well, here’s your dream coming true. We have compiled a list of pro decor tips which will help you breathe a new life in your home by hiding the flaws and emphasizing the strong points of your house. You don’t even have to disturb your budget for this. Are you ready to get started? Read on:


  • Make for a livid entry
  • Can there anything be more inviting for your guests to arrive at your home with a door done in a bright orange shade cheering them up? Okay! There can be but this post is about decorating like a pro without breaking your bank. And this is one method you can count on. Orange is a happy color which is why it’s used widely by many people to make way for a cheerful entrance.
  • Pick your paints last
  • You are moving to a new house and the first thing which is on your mind for decorating your house is picking up your favourite colors. Sure! That’s important but there are things which are more important than that. It’s crucial that you first decide on the type of furniture, type of decor, curtains and accessories you want. The shades of your paint should be picked which complement them. Furniture and accessories are an expensive affair and you sure don’t want to repent your decision later.
  • Style your sofa with change in season
  • If your wardrobe transits from season to season, your home too should! And you don’t have to worry about emptying your wallet to do so. Bringing in seasonal trends in your home decor can be very easy, thanks to the numerous ways in which you can style your sofa. You can throw loose yellow covers on it to welcome summers, pile on colored cushion covers in different textures (can be bought for a much lesser price by using Homeshop18 coupons) to add a pop of color in winters or go for a floral rug to say hello to spring! Easy, right?
  • Stick to walls in light shades
  • Maybe you love bright shades and think of getting them on your wall too. But you should know that after a certain time period, they can be boring plus straining to look at. Your best bet is to go for walls in light shades or just one accent wall and instead add popping colors in the form of statement accessories. I got a couple at discounted prices by availing Limeroad coupons present on which also fetched me a big cashback! You can go for a hot pink chair to team up with your leopard print accent wall. You can add a plush rug in your bedroom to ooze that cozy feeling in winters.
  • Don’t make rooms look busy
  • You just went through some home improvement online shopping sites and added a lot of stuff to your cart. But before you finally buy them, here are two cents. Never stuff your room so much that it looks cluttered. Display collections and expensive arts is always a good idea. But do it in a manner which does not suffocate the place and doesn’t give the impression like too much is going on.

Hope these expert tips gave you useful insights on how to give a beautiful makeover to your home which are also sensible and don’t ruin your budget. Happy decorating! ^_^

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