Preventing The Formation Of Ice Dams


Winter weather brings the cold and with that the danger of the building of ice dams that can cause major damage to your roof, walls, and ceiling. If you find your roof is building up an ice dam, hire a professional to handle the issue before serious damage is caused. My Hoem Solutions has extensive experience in Southington roof repairs from ice dams and other types of roof damage.

Below are some tips that may go a long way in helping to prevent the formation of ice dams.

Proper ventilation.

Allow the air to constantly circulate on your roof by ensuring the eaves and ridges are properly ventilated. You can also pair the ridge vent with continuous soffit vents and utilize baffles at the eves to clear a path for proper airflow. The vents should have an opening at least every 300 square feet. The Southington roofing experts from My Home Solutions can assist you in the installation of these vents among other roofing solutions.

Locking heat inside.

Insulation is a key component of keeping your home and roof in top shape. Insulation not only works to keep you warm but also helps avoid the freezing of water on your roof. This can be done by covering your attic hatch or your whole house.

Reducing energy use and stopping air leakage.

By closing up attic bypasses, homeowners reduce their energy usage and at the same time prevent heat from escaping. Have your roof diagnosed and repaired if needed before winter comes. The winter in CT can wreak havoc with Southington roofing issues. So ensures that all leaks, cracks and air spaces are filled allowing you to have an energy efficient winter.

Checking your insulation level.

It is important to check the insulation level of your attic to enable you to keep your home heat-efficient. The recommended amount of fiberglass used for insulation is 12-14 inches. If your insulation is less than 8 inches you may need to increase it before the onset of winter.

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