Points to Consider when Buying Patio Doors


If you enjoy spending time on your patio, then consider the type of patio doors that are right for your lifestyle. While many people use sliding doors, they only open halfway, still blocking access to much of what is happening on the patio. Meanwhile, wooden and aluminium bifold doors open back to just a few inches of the door opening allowing you much greater access. This simple change can make it easier to carry larger items in and out of the house from the patio, let more fresh air into your home, and these doors allow people working in the home not to feel isolated from those on the patio.

Installing Patio Doors on New Homes

If you are constructing a new home, then bifold doors make great sense as they make it much easier to include the patio as part of the overall design of your home. You can add this simple addition regardless of the type of patio you envision in the new home build. They are an outstanding addition to brick patios, paving stone patios, natural stone patios, or concrete patios, because it is very easy to coordinate the colour of the door with the primary colours found on the patio. Additionally, because these doors fold up into compact packages, they are much easier to manoeuvre to the point where you want to install them than more traditional alternatives.

Installing Patio Doors on Remodelled Homes

Alternatively, if you are remodelling a home, the addition of this type of door can help you turn your patio into an area you can enjoy throughout the year. For example, you can install a fire pit to make it a great place to relax on autumn nights, or you can install a barbecue grill for great summer parties. Regardless of how you envision your patio looking when you finish, the addition of a folding patio door will make the area look even prettier. Then, if you ever do get ready to sell the home, you may find that this secure door even enhances the home’s value. Of course, the beautiful area that you create will naturally attract buyers, which means your home may sell faster. Meanwhile, your friends and family will adore the time they get to spend on your patio.

Why Bifolding Doors?

You will find that folding doors give you so much more flexibility than traditional sliding doors. When a person opens a sliding door, there is still glass covering half of the opening, forming a barrier that can be a nuisance. Instead, with folding doors, the door can be pushed all the way back to the right or pushed all the way back to the left, so it forms no barrier. Additionally, when you push the doors back, more natural light enters the inside of the home. Research shows that people who are exposed to natural light are happier than those who do not get much exposure, so installing this door may even help to create harmony in your home.

The ease of use of these doors astounds many homeowners. The doors operate on a free-glide system that functions flawlessly nearly 100% of the time. If you have ever spent hours trying to put a heavy glass sliding door back on its track, then you understand the importance of this. Instead of spending hours trying to get the door back on track, you will be able to relax and enjoy the party along with your guests.

Buying Patio Doors

Options in Bi Folding Doors

The options in bi folding patio doors are wider than at any point in history. Buyers can find doors that are standard sizes, or they can find custom-built options. One popular option is timber doors that can even contain an internal threshold making them even more flexible.

Another popular option is aluminium doors that designers can create in any size. Aluminium doors are a great option for homeowners looking for the slimmest design and widest panels. These doors are almost maintenance-free, and regardless of the weather, these doors will not rot.

Consider Safety

Before installing a door, consider the safety of the home. While it is relatively easy to break through a glass door, wooden and aluminium doors are much harder to break through. Some bifold doors even have passed the rugged safety standards of the Safe by Design programme. In order to use this endorsement, the door must pass through a set of rigorous safety requirements. These doors must have thief-resistant locks or keyless egress, contain multipoint locking assemblies, and pass strict standards on how the door assembly is constructed. In other words, it is nearly impossible for a thief to use this door as an entry point to your home.

Comfort of the Home

When the weather is too nasty to let the outside air inside, then you can rest assured that these doors will do that job very effectively. Keep the rain outside, because these doors will not leak when properly installed. When the weather turns cold, then they do a very effective job of maintaining heat inside the home.

Choosing Your Provider

When choosing the right company to buy your patio doors from, it is vital to choose a company that has experience in the industry. If you ask a company for references, then you should discover that they willingly offer you a list of people that have been satisfied with their work. On that list, you should see major home construction companies, project developers, architects, experienced contractors, and distributors. After checking the legitimacy of some of these references, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable company who is producing doors that are designed to last.

Getting a new patio door is very exciting, because it gives you the chance to eliminate the hassles you have experienced with patio doors in the past. Bifold doors are the perfect solution in most cases whether you are building a new home or remodelling an older home. Great options include aluminium and wooden doors that fold into a very tiny space and require almost no maintenance.

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