Plumber Putty – When To Use It


To seal areas exposed to water but not to the pressure of water, plumber putty is used. It is basically a clay-like substance that repels water and is waterproof by nature. Place like upper portion of drain or areas of a sink are made leak proof with the use of this plumber putty. When you buy a faucet you get a rubber seal that has to be placed between the base of the faucet and the sink; you can use the putty in place of this rubber seal. This putty can also prevent water leakage and seeping.

Suppose you want to seal a basket drain in place. You have to take a portion of the putty and roll it into a narrow snake like strip. You than have to make a ring with a diameter that matches the circumference of the sink’s drain. Set the ring on the basket drain and press the drain slowly into place. Ensure that the drain is tightly fixed into place. When you press the drain in place some of the putty will be squeezed out which you have to wipe out with a cloth.

When you are installing a faucet but do not have the rubber seal, you can use plumber putty in its place. The procedure is the same but you have to ensure that you use the appropriate quantity of putty in order to set the faucet correctly. Wipe out the excess putty. Mostly after you wipe out the plumber putty is not readily visible.Find more info about Home Plumbing Repairs and Plumbing Problems on this web site.

The thing about plumber putty is that it is often used in the wrong places where it is not effective at all. One point you should remember is that plumber putty cannot be used where there is water pressure. It will come off under pressure even though it might be water proof.

Plumber putty should not be used between the joints of plastic or metal threaded pipes as a seal; you should use Teflon tape in such joints. Do not use the putty to cement together thread less plastic pipes where PVC primer and cement should be used. Do not try to seal the space between the wall and the sink, use silicone caulk here.

Never use the putty on plastic sinks. The material in the putty may cause rupture in the sink. When you work with granite, marble, synthetic marble or any other material that is porous in nature; you should avoid using plumber putty. The putty will leach into the surface of these materials and create a stain that cannot be removed by any means

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