Pleated Blinds: Usage and Convenience


Windows aid natural light inside the rooms and provide ventilation along with the outside views. But sometimes, who doesn’t love a little privacy? Do not worry! Using blinds on the windows can solve this issue by allowing one to have control over their privacy. Window blinds available in different types, patterns and colours, promise an attractive outlook to the homes, offices or apartment spaces. For easy and convenient use, pleated blinds are the best option. They can either be hung or glued to the windows, allowing one to stretch and compress it effortlessly with the flexible control system.

What Are Its Uses and Advantages?

One can move window blinds either horizontally or vertically using control rails. Apart from acting as a mode of privacy, they can also control the entry of sunlight to the inside of the rooms. The varieties of designs and materials can manipulate the entry of the light. While dense materials and darker shades allow less light to enter, materials like fabric with bright shades draw in more light. Window blinds that come with aluminium coating can avert the entry of ultraviolet rays. They can also warm up the rooms during the winter by blocking cold from outside.

The most appealing quality of aluminium coated pleated blinds is its durability. One can use them for a long time without any damage, thus, ruling out the need for frequent replacements.

Use of blinds is not only limited to windows. One can also use them in the balcony, kitchen, and to separate spaces within the house. Their availability in a wide range of styles, colours and all prices has spiked the demand. They are more pocket-friendly than roller blinds and roman blinds. One of the most significant advantages is that the homeowner can customise them. One can design them according to the colour of the walls and the size of the windows.

Pleats usually come with cords for operation, but cordless blinds are also available. If one is looking for a more advanced one, remote-controlled blinds are also available in the market. For households with kids and pets, cordless and remote-controlled blinds are more convenient to be on the safer side.

How to Clean Pleated Blinds?

While opting for window blinds, one might be worried about cleaning and maintaining it since they are prone to the accumulation of dust and dirt between the pleats. Unlike curtains, cleaning blinds is not much of a herculean task. One can wipe off the dust and dirt using a piece of cloth or a vacuum cleaner. If it still remains unclean, wipe the blinds gently using warm water and mild detergent, and dry it using another cloth. However, it is not suggestible to soak the blinds in water as it could damage the material. One must always remember to unfold the pleats while cleaning.

Installing pleated blinds are not only limited to providing privacy but can also be an addition to the interior decorations. Being one among the best methods of window treatments one can opt for, it perfectly suits the user’s demand and does justice to the beauty of the interiors. Get the windows modified using pleated blinds, without compromising on one’s needs. Who doesn’t love windows that are both aesthetically and functionally appealing!

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