Planning the Perfect Patio for the Family


A front yard is a house’s red-carpet award show moment. The landscape is beautiful. The porch is different from the neighbors. The flowers and shrubs are one of a kind. The patio is different. The patio is strictly the homeowner’s oasis. It is a sanctuary to relax. It is the favorite spot to play and entertain. 
How can a homeowner create the perfect patio that is the envy of their neighbors? It takes more than putting a garden border around and adding some chairs. Making it a patio a place the perfect spot on the property requires proper planning and help from an outdoor patio builder

A Property Owner Should Put Their Dreams on Paper 
A homeowner imagining their new outdoor patio should ask themselves some basic questions. Do they want a cozy retreat, a play for children to play or lots of plants? This is the step in the planning process where dreaming takes center-stage. There will come a time when reality hits and patio budget may be too small to hold all the patio dreams. That’s for later. It’s time to envision a dream patio to share it with the builder later. 

Take an Honest Look at the Property 
Walk around the backyard with a clipboard, paper and pen. A property owner should write down the things they do and don’t like about the property. This help the homeowner get an honest assessment for the patio space. 

Know the Neighborhood Rules to Avoid Problems 
A homeowner’s association or city ordinance may limit the outdoor may have specific regulation such as requiring permits or a certain fence height. It’s important to know what a homeowner is legally not allowed to prior to building the patio. This avoids the mess of removing all or part of the outdoor patio later to comply with rules. 

Write out an Outdoor Patio Plan 
A plan gives a homeowner a birds-eye view of the patio project. These steps should give the homeowner and builder an idea of the relationship between spaces and how things are placed. No one wants a cramped patio space. Look at the Plan from the Interior of the Home, the outdoor spaces should provide a relaxing and beautiful space. It must be designed right because it will double as the exterior artwork. For instance, when a homeowner looks out the window, they should feel like they are looking at a beautiful work of art. 

Fine Tune Each Part of the Patio Design Plan 

Scrutinize the patio plan for any flaws or shortcomings. For example, question if the loungers should be facing away from the shade. Figure out if the garden needs to be moved or improved. The homeowner may decide everything is OK. This is also the step where a property owner will compare their dream patio to their reality patio. Also, take a holistic look at the entire property. The exterior house walls, flowers and lawn will be the backdrop to the patio. Make sure everything is cohesive.

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