Personalize Your House With Custom Home Decor


Did you know that the home decor market was valued at 663.1 billion in 2018? The market is expected to continue to rise with furniture and eco-friendly products being the most popular decor items.

Indoor home decor was the largest part of the market in 2018 accounting for 92.6% of the sales.

If you’re considering redecorating your home you should think about adding some custom home decor to really make the place shine.

Check out this list of home decor ideas for some inspiration.

Accessorizing Is Key

Adding accessories is the way to personalize any room in your home and make it reflect your style. Some decorated throw pillows in your bedroom or living room can make the place feel more inviting and comfortable.

A customized rug can add a pop of color and reflect your fun personality at the same time. Accessorizing will make any room stand out and give it a whole new look in the process.

Add Some Souvenirs From Your Travels

Other creative home decorating ideas include adding some souvenirs from your travels to your living area. This is a great way to decorate and showcase all the interesting places you’ve visited at the same time.

The fun part is figuring out creative ways to incorporate your souvenirs into the design of your home. You can place an original sculpture from your travels abroad in a corner of your living room.

Repaint the Walls in Your Personal Style

Adding some paint to the wall might seem like a basic way to redecorate your home but there are ways to add your own personal touch with paint. You can repaint most of the walls white to give the area a lighter feel and paint one or two of your walls in a different color to make the room more vibrant.

Your decor items like the curtains, rugs, and couch, can match the colored walls or you can choose opposing colors for a more interesting design.

Add Some Artwork

Other home decor ideas include adding some unique artwork to your walls. A beautiful painting can bring the room together in a new way.

You can select artwork that speaks to your personality or interests. Make the choices more personal by displaying artwork from some of your talented friends or artists you admire.

If you’re adding artwork to the walls in your bedroom opt for more subdued pieces while bathroom art can be louder.

Some Personalized Gifts Are a Perfect Addition

What’s better to use for custom home decor than personalized gifts? Personalized gifts made for your graduation, wedding, or birthday are often made to be displayed.

Putting out these gifts in your living room is the perfect way for your home decor to have a personal touch. A portrait of your wedding with a beautiful quote or a framed letter for your graduation are meaningful gifts that can make great decor pieces.

Custom Mirrors

Adding some custom mirrors can make a small room look bigger, bring in more light, and modernize your space. The benefit of getting a customized mirror is that it can fit your space in the best way possible while adding your own style to it.

A custom mirror can be cut to specific measurements so it doesn’t look too small or large when placed. You can turn a custom mirror into a headboard behind your bed. You can add an oval-shaped mirror to a small dresser or vanity for a softer look.

Unique Wallpaper

While painting is the more popular choice when it comes to redecorating your home, you can always do something more unique by adding some funky wallpaper. Wallpaper offers the opportunity to get more creative and add an intricate design to your wall in an easier way.

You can opt for a retro look, something floral, or metallic wallpaper for a bolder look. The design options are endless if you decide to use wallpaper in one of the rooms in your home.

Add Some Greenery

Adding some indoor plants to your living room or kitchen can serve as decor that showcases your love of nature. Plants can create a more relaxing atmosphere too. Plants are known to purify the air as well.

Many indoor plants are easy to take care of like the devil’s ivy or peace lily. If you’re afraid of letting your plants die you can always invest in some artificial plants to create a natural look in your home without having to worry about watering anything.

A Photo Wall

You can personalize your home decor by creating your own photo wall. A photo wall is a great way to add decor that showcases who you are.

You can create your photo wall in many different ways. You might want to print out and frame a larger photo of you and your partner at your wedding or a family portrait with your kids.

You can also create a photo wall with a theme. Smaller photos of different vacations you’ve taken are a beautiful reminder of the memories you’ve made with your loved ones.

Custom Home Decor Ideas You Should Try

If you’re considering redecorating your home you can use custom home decor to showcase your personality and style in a fun way. Adding accessories in your favorite colors, decorating with some family photos, or adding some custom mirrors are all great ways to add a bit of you to your home decor.

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