Perfect material in a perfect container


After a long period of consistent searching you are not getting satisfaction and feeling hopeless! Now no needs to worry about with IBMH you can make yourself satisfied by being a part of it. As it was not possible with other organization because we have maintain such criteria on which we are following rule and regulation to providing extra facility and services. With this approach we conquer our firm from the past couple of years. With IBMH you could facilitate another product that is wardrobe hardware sourcing. At IBMH, we are producing many products like Furniture Hardware Door Cabinet Hardware, Furniture Fittings, Cabinet Hardware, Kitchen Cabinet Hardware, Door Hardware, Cabinet Fittings, Sofa Hardware, Construction Hardware, and Wardrobe Hardware. These products are import from china, we are also doing procurement management to create a healthy environment which brings out the growth and establishment towards the economy of china.



The product DIY creative bracket or hook is giving great response in the modern rooms. Hook is a main tool for wardrobe hardware storage it gives lovely appearance to your room along with comfortable moves. Hook is essential for the wall storage whereas, wardrobe fitting closet fittings, closet hardware are available from the “wholesales business from china”. The wardrobe hardware purchasing includes outfits, lifts, pullout clothes hanger, pullout wardrobe rail, stretching wardrobe rail and wardrobe lift. By using these stuff you can store massive amount of space in your house. There are so many kinds of hooks available in the market but they are not reliable, but DIY hooks are amazingly beautiful and full of colors which is growing day by day and making its space in the market. We can make exact design according to your given sketch. The wardrobe lift is the perfect swing to create accessible all of the clothes which are on the top of armories.


The wardrobe hardware involves some functions and equipment’s that is “TIES RACK PULLOUT” introduced by IBMH. Tie rack hardware produced in silver aluminum or other color and strength. You can also save the place inside the closet. “TROUSER RACK PULLOUT, SHOE RACK AND CLOTHE RACK” all contains same feature and functions. Furniture hardware encloses pivoting mirror which is fantastic, rotating right and left and pulls out in a dimension of 180 degrees which gives charm and affection to its user. “LUSSO MULTIFUNCTIONAL ALUMINUM PROFILE” Which is one of the best product in IBMH holds many features such as, high grade, unique style, easy to fit, save space and multiple combination. Wardrobe tube enhance the performance of wardrobe hardware agent in china. The material used to construct the tube are “iron tube, stainless tube, aluminum tube, plastic tube and so on. There are one more function involves with the wardrobe hardware that is “sliding door system” it is used in cabinets and closets. The door has a rails along with swings which makes door to move it quickly for left and right without consuming any space.

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