Packing Small Items for Your Move


If you are going to be away from your place of residence for a while, you would need to pack a few things no matter how small. You would only need a moving crew, if you are going to be taking away a large part of the house or the entire house. This you would likely do if you are moving to a new home.

However, if you are just going to be away on vacation for a few days or weeks, you won’t need to take the entire house with you. But you would still need to ensure that you have everything you need for a pleasant time while you are away.

How to Pack Light

Deciding on what to pack for a short trip can be difficult. This is because everything is important even the kitchen table. But you won’t need to pack furniture or electronics if you are going away for a few days. What you need are the basics. Things like spare clothes, underwear, body lotion and a deodorant are the first things you want to pack in your suitcase or backpack. You would also need your computer and mobile phones so you want to ensure that you carry chargers for when they run out of battery.

What you need for a Short Trip

If you are going away for a work or business trip, you want to check to ensure that all necessary documents and files are packed in a briefcase. If you don’t have a briefcase, you could make use of a document folder or jacket that is resistant to moisture and water to help protect your documents from damage. For an official trip, chances are that you won’t be engaging in too much sightseeing so you might not need to pack your hiking boots and snorkel mask.

Packing for a short weekend getaway or vacation would require a checklist to ensure that you don’t leave anything behind. You would want to start the list a few days before you move so you can pack properly. For a short vacation, you would need spare clothes, cream and lotions, and also a pair of sunglasses for when you go out to the beach. You would also want to take along with you a camera to capture every moment. A pair of binoculars would also come in handy to help with long range vision.

Before you leave

Even if you will be leaving for just a few days, it is important that you tell a few friends and neighbours that you would be out of town. This is so they can help keep an eye on your home while you are away. Also do well to leave your contact with them so they can reach you in case of an emergency. If you won’t be taking your car along with you, it is best you pack it at the airport or the train station than across the street to protect it from vandals. Also you want to ensure that you take out the trash before you leave town.

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