Organise your kitchen


I don’t think anyone will feel like a true domestic goddess (or god) until they can say with a hand on their heart that they are happy with their kitchen unless it is well organised. Clutter in the kitchen is one of many people’s pet hates. Counter tops covered with various kitchen utilities and utensils can take the design essence of your kitchen away as people’s eyes are drawn to that rather than your beautiful hanging lights! There are some clever ways of organising your kitchen without having to rip it all out and start again…

Rule 1 – BIN IT

The key rule of organising anything is to minimise and simplify, so in your kitchen this means you will have to be vigorous in how you declutter your cupboards. Often there is too much in our kitchens that we just simply never use!

Rule 2 – Organise everything

There are so many brilliant ways to organise your kitchen now as kitchen designers have created fashionable organisers which can fit into your kitchen units. For those of you who see yourself as a bit of a spice guru, try making your own a spice drawer using a spice organiser! Storage containers like bread bins and utensil holders will help to clear your kitchen counter tops, there are some gorgeous designs out now too at affordable prices.

If you also have a pantry which is looking diabolical, this can be an exciting new time to get organised! Get yourself some shelves and glass jars and get labelling – once you can see everything in your glass containers this will make it easier for you to keep track of your food store levels. This will help you to shop more resourcefully when you go to the supermarket.

Even just buying simple baskets for your chopping or pizza boards will make your kitchen feel more organised and will save valuable drawer space.

Rule 3 – Install an island

 One of the best things to organise your kitchen with is a kitchen island, they are a fantastic focal point for your kitchen whilst also providing you with a lot more storage space and counter space. They are also a stylish feature to have in the kitchen and will make your house easier to sell by having one installed already if you ever put your house up for sale.

Rule 4 – Keep it up!

It’s difficult to force habits but when you continuously repeat an action such as remembering to put everything away once you’ve used it in the kitchen, it will become a natural action. This will immensely help you to keep an organised kitchen. As long as everything has a place you will never be able to lose something!

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