Only Hire Professional Chimney Sweeps


No matter if you only just moved to West Wickham or are the fourth generation of your family to own the property, the chimney must be swept regularly for the health and safety of those living inside the home. If you only just moved into a house, you should never trust the previous owner to have had the service performed unless you saw it happen or it was confirmed by an inspector. There are a number of reasons that you benefit from hiring a professional from the start, too, including the use of the proper equipment, experience, and the ability to spot more than just soot in the chimney.


Professional chimney sweeps in West Wickham are extremely thorough and will not call it a job well done until the entire structure is completely cleaned and ready for use. This type of thorough cleaning is necessary for your safety as ash and soot will build up inside the chimney and potentially block it over time, allowing dangerous carbon monoxide and live embers into your property. A single ember landing on the wrong surface will start a fire faster than you know and you need a professional to help you work through your options, save time, and keep those you love safe from harm.


It may be that your chimney is in poorer condition than you first thought, perhaps because much of the damage is to the interior of the structure. A professional chimney sweep will know how a well-maintained chimney should look and will tell you of any potential problems to be found inside the structure. No matter if you simply suspect that you have a loose brick or must repair a large portion of the chimney, these experts will clean the entire chimney so that you will easily be able to spot any problem areas once they finish.

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