Most Stylish 2015 Furniture Ideas for Commercial Shops


If you’re looking for ways to make your commercial space stand out with some new furniture this year, there are a number of exciting design trends. Here are five of the most prominent and stylish furniture ideas for retail or other commercial venues.

Furniture for Commercial Shops

  1. Smoked Glass

Glass and mirrors are always a way to bring light into a space or make small spaces look bigger, but mirrored and clear furniture is starting to look a tad dated. The latest look in furniture design is the use of smoked glass, which can give a moody, mysterious look to the furnishings. Ideal for cocktail lounges, retro-tinged boutiques, or industrial office spaces, furniture with smoked glass elements can make a strong statement.

  1. Abstract Fabrics

When looking at upholstery, one of the big trends in fabrics this year is the use of irregular, fluid, abstract prints. This can provide an eye-pleasing way to break up an otherwise square-shaped room, making it ideal for office spaces.

  1. Geometric Patterns

Concrete and ceramic tiles are always popular for commercial shops – you can click here to see some successful examples. These are often used to create geometric patterns that really pop. This year, use the same geometric pattern concept in your furniture, wallpaper, or lighting as well as your floor design. Whether it’s military-inspired chevrons or classic pop-art graphics, geometric patterns can look great in a retail space particularly when used sparingly.

  1. Mixed Metallic Elements

Metallic materials are consistently popular year after year, but to give furniture a very of-the-moment update you should look for designs that mix different types of metals. One way to do this is to mix warm and cold, such as copper and silver. Rose gold is achingly hip as well, particularly when paired with black metal or steel. You’ll see this metallic mix in everything from lighting fixtures to barstools.

  1. The Salvaged Look

Perhaps as a backlash to minimalism, many commercial designers are looking for ways to incorporate raw, organic, or even industrial shapes into their furnishings. You don’t necessary have to pull all of your shop’s furniture from a thrift shop, but you could look for interior designs that feature eclectic blends of textures or a bit of shabby chic. The salvaged, upcycled look is tres chic in commercial spaces, and can provide a very unique atmosphere even with a few statement pieces.

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