Mistakes when Buying Countertops from Granite Wholesalers


When you are buying a countertop made of granite you are worried about a lot of aspects, especially choosing the right kind of material. Granite wholesalers often provide you with a bulk supply and pieces leftover from their previous lots that they want to dispose off. So, you get the materials at lower or reduced prices as compared to what you are getting in the market. But there are some simple misquotes that you can make. Some of these are listed below-

Choosing The Wrong Stone

Just because a granite wholesaler has a particular stone doesn’t make it perfect for buying. Durability and quality of the stone are the foremost focus and you should go for a kind of granite that is thick and thus quite sturdy. A very thin piece of granite might work as a shelf or a decorative piece in the garden but not relay for the countertop. Here you should get a studier piece that will not only last for years but also lives up to the everyday wear and tear like people leaning over the counter and pushing dishes and plates around.

Going For The Wrong Dealer

There are tons of granite wholesalers around and it is not really possible that all of them sell quality materials. What happens in many cases is that these dealers would try to get you a shoddier make or stone that is less durable because of poor quality and that too at a higher price. In some cases, the dealer may not even give you the due discount. Hence, it is necessary that you first compare a few wholesalers and check the current retail price before buying from them.

Opting For The Wrong Cut

Another crucial element is that these granite wholesalers have a lot of cuts available for stones especially granite. But the right choice or the right cut can make or break your countertop. In the kitchen, especially the area that is used for dining and eating should be sufficient as per the number of members in the family. It should also ensure that the area where you want to fit the countertop should be right. So make sure that you go for a rectangular or oval cut as per availability of the space and what suits your family needs. In case the cut is slightly bigger but fits your big kitchen then no need for an alteration, but on the other hand, for a smaller kitchen,it is better to alter size or have the cut piece to save space.

The Kitchen Sink

The method should be such that everything dishrags and sweeps into the sink giving the kitchen a tidy look.

Not Adding To The Aesthetic Appeal

A piece of stone from the granite wholesaler that doesn’t add to the aesthetic appeal of the home or is not contributing to the decor is a waste. You have to choose a color, stone type, etc. that compliments your kitchen decor too. For instance a black and white kitchen can have a dash of color that is contrasting but if you have granite in other places of the kitchen then you should preferably get a counter top that is of similar texture or shade. Else, this would be a total mismatch and would not really work.

So the next time you are considering getting a piece of stone for the kitchen do remember that cost not alone should dominate your choice.But, if you avoid the above mistakes, you can have counterparts that everyone will enjoy seeing.

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