Mexico Tiles (Talavera)


Are you a lover of design, art, and color? Then you will definitely fall in love with Mexican tile. The tiles have deep rich colors which make it a preferred option for most homeowners who love class and style.

History of Mexico Tiles

Popularly known as the Talavera tile, the Mexico tile has a history traceable to the 16th century. The ceramic tiles are hand-painted and hand-made. It style has a rich blend of the Mexican culture and that of the Spaniards who introduced the wheel and tin based glaze technique. The tile was named after Talavera de la Reina, a Spanish town renowned for its pottery and tile work. However, most of Talavera has been made in Puebla, a state of Mexico. The reason was not just because Puebla and its environs had a lot of monasteries and churches that needed to beautify their auditoriums with the tiles, it was also rich in fine clay. One outstanding feature of the Mexican tile is the rich color. Initially, these tiles had only blue and white colors. The blue was used because of its high level of demand and its relatively high cost. The expensive nature of the tiles gave customers a firm conviction that they were acquiring quality. After several years, some other colors were introduced. Mexico tiles consist of six colors: blue, orange, yellow, green, black, and violet. These tiles are different from the machine-made types because of their outstanding raised design and top gloss finish. Of all the artisans currently in Mexico, only a few offers authentic Mexican Talavera tile.

Mexico Tiles Vs. Machine-made Ceramic Tiles

The Talavera tiles have some advantage as well as disadvantages when compared to the traditional machine-made tiles.

Advantages of Talavera Tiles

  • The Mexican tiles are far more affordable than the common ceramic tiles and may be as low as half the price.
  • They are uniquely crafted since they are handmade
  • Their deep rich colors give taste and style to any space or room.
  • They have a surface that is very easy to clean and maintain

Disadvantage Of Talavera Tiles

  • They may not be easily seen locally and one may need to order for the tiles online.
  • It is more fragile when compared to the normal ceramic tiles. You may want to order for some extra pieces to cover up for any likely damage.

Mexico tile is a perfection option for your home

The Mexican tiles may be used in different ways. Their bold colors make them a viable option for beautifying the room or establishing a compelling focal point. Besides its rich colors, they also come in many hand-painted designs and styles which range from animals like lizards, birds, to ornate geometric shapes and patterns. These styles and designs are perfect fits for all spaces and rooms in the house; they’ll give you an excellent touch of the Mexican feel. Visit:

Talavera tile is not just a tile, but a perfect way to add color, style and enhance the visual appeal of your home. Give it a trial, and you will have a firsthand knowledge of why the Mexican talavera tiles have crossed the Mexico boundaries, and it’s a famous piece all across the globe.

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